Litentry Joins Substrate Builders Program

Litentry has announced that it is now a member of blockchain infrastructure firm Parity Technologies’ Substrate Builders Program in a move to get direct support to offer developers a better experience.

Disclosing the new development via its official Twitter account, Litentry pointed out its excitement to work with the blockchain firm to utilize their support and mentor program to improve its decentralized networks.

Built on the Substrate framework, Litentry Network, via the partnership, will now have access to the best features and incredible technologies currently available in the blockchain industry. Not to mention having access to Parity’s vast resources to help develop the Litentry Network.

About the Substrate Builders Program

The Substrate Builders Program is a blockchain project that identifies, supports and guides existing, as well as feasible, Substrate-related projects.

The program was launched in 2020 with 17 initial participants, including Moonbeam, Acala, Plasm, and Phala Network. The building application focuses on offering business development, technical, and community support to developers.

Notably, the Substrate Builders Program is divided into three main tracks, namely;

Chains Track: This track is for developers who are building chains that will have an impact (parathreads, independent chains, and parachains).

Infrastructure Track: This track is for developers building on infrastructure related to Substrate/Polkadot. This infrastructure includes tooling, UIs, bridges, validator infrastructure, and smart contract support (and potentially more).

Application Track: This track is for developers who are building applications on top of Substrate-based chains. This track includes areas like governance, DeFi, identity, and anything else that has not been possible before without the benefits of the interoperable ecosystem.

Support Available To Builders

Notably, as a result of Litentry’s addition to Parity’s Substrate Builders Program, developers on the network will be able to receive support in the following areas:

Technical support – This involves category-specific chat support with other program members and category-expert engineers for developers to collaborate with and ask questions from. It also includes individual check-ins and launch support with materials, along with calls and other actions to help projects launch their mainnet successfully.

Community support – This involves items like helping build a vibrant social media community as well as media support. It also involves cooperation on events and meetups.

Community funding opportunities – This involves receiving assistance with your project, such as help in navigating the processes for Web3 Foundation Grants and Polkadot Network Treasury.

Business development support – This involves being introduced to relevant players in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as joint announcements and a non-technical chat room for all the members of both tracks. Additionally, this support includes feedback related to business development.

LIT Price

At the time of publication, Litentry (LIT) token price has rallied by 18% in the last 24 hours. It was trading at $8.76, with a market cap of $157,707,808 and a 24-hour trading volume of $70,547,588.

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