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Matic Network’s mainnet is going live at the end of May. And as the date of the mainnet launch draws near, the network is continuing to onboard more validators. One of the purposes of being a validator is to help secure the network further by running a validator node. 

According to sources, Matic Network has now added two new decentralized applications (DApp) partner validator in its network – Torus and Sapien.


The recent addition of Torus by Matic aims at running a validator node to secure the network. Notably, Torus is a secure, non-custodial key management solution with backing from Coinbase and Binance.

Torus thus provides a simple and secure gateway to the decentralized ecosystem and aims to make DApps user-friendly. Essentially, it allows users to log in to DApps via social platforms such as Google or Facebook.

Both Matic and Torus share the common goal of eliminating barriers of entry to the blockchain space for mainstream adoption. They have now teamed up to ensure a secure and robust Matic mainnet to power the growing ecosystem of DApps.


Sapien is the latest partner to be added into Matic’s network of validators and they are also building on Matic. They are an innovative privacy-focused Web3 social network like a decentralized version of Reddit. Their platform rewards content creators and also puts users back in control of their data.

In this partnership, Matic is powering Sapien’s in-platform transactions while Sapien powers Matic’s mainnet,

New updates from Matic Network

According to a tweet, Matic has announced that Binance would be adding a new BUSD trading pair for the network’s native token, MATIC.

Matic currently has other trading pairs such as MATIC/USDT, MATIC/BTC, and MATIC/BNB. With the new trading pair, Binance users would now have more ways of accessing Matic tokens.

Matic has also released a sneak peek to their staking dashboard and a staking guide for Matic token holders. The token holders will now be able to easily utilize the staking dashboard to delegate their tokens, track statistics, and more.

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