There are over 100 active developer teams in the Matic Network ecosystem. With Matic Mainnet now live, the project is taking a huge step forward by launching a Large Scale Developer Initiative. 

Matic Network is launching these initiatives to cater to Dapp developers everywhere. There are seven campaigns in total with something for all levels of experienced Dapp developers.

7 Bounty Campaigns
  1. Build-n-Earn: This is a monthly recurring incentive program for developers to bootstrap their teams.
  2. Matic Layer 2 Security Hackathon: This campaign aims to attract protocol developers to Matic for the improvement of Matic Layer 2 Security. There are bounties worth $50,000 and higher up for grabs.
  3. Hackerone Bug bounty program: This is a year-long bug bounty program for security researchers.
  4. Devfolio Month-long Hackathons: To attract large-scale mainstream developer attention to blockchain in India and beyond.
  5. Devfolio College Hackathons: Over 100 hackathons carried out in the best technology schools worldwide.
  6. Accelerators & Incubators like T-Block: This initiative aims to provide promising blockchain startups with support and funding. Matic has already initiated one accelerator with the Govt. of Telangana – T-Block.
  7. Developer Support Program: This program provides budding blockchain developers with essential support required to get their projects going.
Gitcoin Collaboration

Matic Network has teamed up with Gitcoin to help the blockchain developer community to grow even more. Hackers, security researchers, engineers, and more are all invited to take part in this hackathon. Matic is offering up to $50,000 per reported issue with an additional Bounty Multiplier in this hackathon. Further, those that discover a critical level bug can be rewarded more than the stipulated bounty amount.

HackerOne Bug Bounty Program

This program aims to create a bond with HackerOne’s community of top testers and researchers. The top-class developers in this community are invited to use their expertise to uncover any vulnerabilities in Matic’s codebase. Developers stand to win up to $10,000 per reported problem.

T-Block Accelerator

The purpose of this accelerator is to provide Indian blockchain startups with the support needed to grow. Tech Mahindra and the Telangana government have worked together to organize this program. Matic Network will work together with Harmony to provide these startups with the tools and infrastructure needed to build DApps.

Updates from Matic
  • Matic, together with their partner Devfolio, has hosted and attended 80 hackathons in India this year. Many mainstream developers have been introduced to blockchain and many outstanding talents were discovered. Also, decentralized payment solution Incento was conceptualized at the ETHIndia hackathon. Incento is preparing for full onboarding on Matic Mainnet.
  • With Matic Mainnet live, they are able to provide over 60 DApps with the infrastructure to overcome huge volumes. These DApps will begin onboarded onto Matic Mainnet this month.
  • Bullionix has officially joined Matic’s ecosystem. They are an Ethereum-based NFT platform that allows users to craft 3D collectibles backed by real gold. The minting of Bullionix NFTs will be on Matic Network.
  • MATIC has 17.2% of their circulating supply locked.
  • The amount of Matic Tokens being staked is 543m which is worth about $10.9m.
  • There are currently more than 1000 stakers on Matic Network.
  • 19.8m MATIC tokens distributed as rewards (~$400k)
  • Matic Network will extend staking support to exchanges during Step 3 of the mainnet rollout strategy.


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