ZEUX recently partnered with the most popular Blockchain in China, NEO, which means holders can spend their NEO with Virtual Credit Cards.

What is ZEUX?

ZEUX is a money managing app that offers a way to spend crypto through Virtual Credit Cards and it has NFC capabilities as well. Earlier, they partnered with Apple pay and Samsung Pay in order to process transactions.

On top of the digital wallet, ZEUX offers a digital bank account as well, making it easy for customers to invest in Cryptocurrencies. The app also offers A.I. capabilities which can evaluate the risk of an investment based on customer’s preferences.

Due to this partnership, holders can now spend NEO on day to day shopping with just one click (ZEUX supports a lot more Crypto assets).

The company is FCA authorized and does not charge fees for opening accounts, money transfers, top-ups, withdrawals, and for making payments. I suspect they generate revenue through partnerships and Cryptocurrency offerings at a higher price than the market average.

In order to access the app (which is in beta at the moment of writing this article), users have to register for early access on the ZEUX website. To mention that the multi-function capabilities of the app are currently available only in the U.K., and will expand to the rest of Europe later this year.

ZEUX also has its own utility token which serves for cash-back purposes and will also be used by product providers to pay fees.

Frank Zhou, Founder, and CEO of Zeux said:

“We’re delighted to announce that we will be adding NEO to our list of cryptocurrencies. We believe that NEO is paving the way for a smart economy by giving developers the tools to deploy and scale their own smart contract applications without learning another unique language. This strategic partnership will help us build upon our current infrastructure and expand our service to a larger audience.”


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