Neo Collaborates with TomoChain

There is a new collaboration in town as NEO pairs with TomoChain. This partnership will leverage the strength of both parties to help build the crypto ecosystem.

According to a report by NEO, the two companies will host many events together. These will be directed at educating and encouraging users interested in developing apps both on Neo and TomoChain.

This collaboration aims to put an end to the current issues surrounding blockchain technologies. For instance, developers will no longer need to function as both distributors and builders. It will also create a unique ecosystem. One that will exhibit the potential in the blockchain industry. This ecosystem will also support projects that cut across the blockchain platform.

Though filled with endless possibilities, blockchain tech is still in a neophyte stage. This collaboration will help bring it closer to our everyday life. And it will help attract new and talented users into the ecosystem.

Comments on the collaboration

Speaking on the partnership, Director of EcGrowth at NGD, John Wang said: “there is a need to adopt blockchain to improve the way it facilitates trade-grade adoption[…]. I am very confident that our united strengths will further empower developers while taking us closer to the smart economy of the future.”

Neo is an open-source blockchain platform, that utilizes blockchain technology to automate the management of assets. Launched in 2016, it has been doing well apparently. It is also currently planning the launch of Neo3 in 2020. A robust implementation that is both stable and secure. Neo3 will further help to improve blockchain innovations.

TomoChain, on the other hand, is created on a performance-based platform. It boasts of high transaction speed without compromising decentralization. It also makes use of a PoSV consensus (Proof of Stake Voting). Providing TomoChain holders with incentives to actively participate across the network of high master nodes.

The flagship products of TomoChain are TomoZ and TomoX. TomoZ is the first on-chain protocol, providing users with the chance to pay for their transaction fees with the same token the user holds.

TomoX, on the other hand, is an efficient decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It empowers multiple systems of relayers and makes them work in sync.

Neo is definitely on a roll with several new partnerships and product development. Just last week it partnered with LEDGER.


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