The announcement was made today by Liquefy on its website and social media. NEO will not only be a partner with Liquefy but will also invest in the firm.

What is Liquefy?

According to its website, the Liquefy Platform enables asset digitalization via blockchain technology; assets such as private companies, funds, public shares and so on.

Liquefy provides tools such as a Decentralized Company Secretary, Compliance-as-a-Service, Corporate Action Management, and Secondary Trading Backbone.

What’s the partnership about?

NEO and Liquefy will work together to build a NEO-based security token ecosystem. In other words, asset owners will be able to issue tokens based on the NEO blockchain.

The fact that customers will be able to launch securities on the NEO blockchains is pretty big news.

Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy, said:

“It is important to develop a security token standard while the industry is still in its infancy. What separates NEO apart from other public blockchain protocols is the integration of NeoID, which allows KYC, AML and accreditation status to be stored on-chain while maintaining privacy. This allows issuers to monitor and maintain records of all transactions in the secondary market to remain compliant in the multiple jurisdictions.”

“We are excited to welcome NGD as an investor and a partner to develop a security token ecosystem together and bring innovation to the financial market.”


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