Crypto and fiat Solutions Coming up in South-East Asia

Global digital asset exchange leader, HomiEx announced a partnership with Xanpool to explore fiat to crypto Gateway in South-East Asia.

The partnership seeks to explore a possible API integration, which creates the opportunity for HomiEx users to utilize Xanpool infrastructure and go from cash to crypto in South-East Asian regions. This includes places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The collaboration follows HomiEx strategic partnerships and investments from top tier VCs like NGC Ventures, GENESIS Capital, LD Capital. Also, Vector Capital, Honglian Capital, Reorganization Capital, JD Ventures, Star Capital and BA Capital.

The partnership appears mutually beneficial. For instance, Xanpool gets access to a large target user group. It also expands its user pool quickly, and improve its crypto-fiat liquidity.

Besides, with the combination, HomiEx and XanPool contribute their respective advantages in technology, community, users, resources and other aspects to form complementary advantages. This opens up a new era in the blockchain market.

HomiEx sees room for growth

Notably, HomiEx doesn’t appear satisfied with its remarkable achievements at present. It aims to become the leading platform.

According to Dr. Zhou Hongming, CEO of HomiEx, during the 2019 Singapore Financial Science and Technology Festival. He emphasized that Singapore contains the characteristics of innovation, inclusiveness, and collaboration. Therefore, it has all it takes to become the world blockchain, financial science, and technology center.

He also believes that in the future, HomiEx can contribute to the ecological development of Singapore’s financial science and technology.

About HomiEx and XanPool

HomiEx claims the reputation of a leading tech-driven digital asset exchange. It’s created by a dynamic team of blockchain professionals in Singapore.

The digital asset exchange reportedly accepts deposit & withdraw of eight mainstream fiat currencies. They include USD, EURO, GBP, AUD, SGD, RMB, JPY, and HKD. Furthermore, it provides one-stop services like spot trading, derivatives trading. As well as, digital assets management for users worldwide.

XanPool tagged as the world’s first automated peer-to-peer local currency to the cryptocurrency payment processor. The payment processor works with local market makers to automate their cryptocurrency market-making using local payment methods. Thus, enabling customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at attractive rates, instantly, and without custody risk.

Due to the partnership, the payment processor seamless fiat gateway now goes into an easy to use API that cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and other platforms can integrate with.


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