Partnership That Is Bridging Traditional Finance & DeFi

AllianceBlock is an ambitious blockchain project building the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. Interestingly, the project team was talking about DeFi even before the summer hype and is now building a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance. Over time, it has strategically partnered with blockchain industry experts Quant, Chainlink, and Ocean to build this extremely valuable bridge.

Recently, the blockchain space heard a lot of buzz about AllianceBlock as it is bringing institutional finance to DeFi. Interestingly, AllianceBlock’s multi-chain interface has been using Quant’s Overledger since 2018. AllianceBlock partnered with Quant in 2018 to bring blockchain interoperability to their decentralized investment and financing ecosystem.

More Partnerships With Blockchain Experts

On November 23, AllianceBlock announced its partnership with Ocean Protocol. According to the official blog, the partnership will help enhance compliance in decentralized capital markets. Furthermore, Ocean Protocol’s data marketplace and core technology will help AllianceBlock stay compliant with GDPR and PSD2 regulations. This partnership will play an important role in bridging TradFi and DeFi.

Early this month, AllianceBlock announced a collaboration with Chainlink, the world’s largest oracle network. The network will bring a wide range of data oracle solutions to the AllianceBlock ecosystem. Moreover, this collaboration will introduce Chainlink to well-established top-tier traditional finance entities.

By building the bridge, AllianceBlock aims to make crypto assets investable, bankable, fungible, and accessible to the entire regulated finance industry. To achieve this, AllianceBlock is partnering with several legacy finance entities and marketplaces. Some of the other blockchain ecosystems with which AllianceBlock is collaborating are AIKON, Orion Protocol, Ramp DeFi, and Holochain.

QNT Price

In the last 24 hours, QNT, the native Quant Network token, is up by 3.3%. Furthermore, at the time of press, the QNT price is close to $13.37.

ALBT Price

In the last 30 days, ALBT, the native AllianceBlock token, is up by 66.9%. Moreover, at the time of press, the ALBT price is close to $0.1059.


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