Penguin Finance & BooFinance

Penguin Finance is teaming up with this revolutionary Avalanche dApp just in time for the release of BooFinance!

Through this collaboration, Penguin Finance will boost the PEFI-BOOFI pair on the platform for a week following the launch of BooFinance. Furthermore, Boo Finance’s cauldron farming dApp will provide extra benefits to PEFI LP and iPEFI stakeholders. Also, Penguin Finance will provide long-term support to BooFinance and will help their communities to grow.

Penguin Finance has already assessed BooFinance’s code and completed an internal audit of their apps.

They stated on November 28th that BooFinance will award tokens to the Penguin Finance audience via the Club Penguin dApp. By creating an Iceberg on the platform, Boo exposes the $BOOFI token to a large and active client base. The iceberg is necessary for earning bonus Cauldron rewards, staking, and Boo NFTs.

BooFinance, like Penguin Finance, is a community-driven protocol with no venture financing, pre-mine, or private sales. BooFinance will have the greatest possible influence on Avalanche by providing a fun and creative wealth-generation machine. In fact, it is a DeFi 3.0 pioneer, with an innovative, gamified yield farming platform designed for user competition. For instance, users can receive rewards by staking their LP or single-asset, interest-bearing tokens in the “Cauldron.” The “Stake” allows you to instantly zombify your BOOFI for zBOOFI (single-asset staking)! zBOOFI is your ticket to adventure in the Haunted House, and its value is always increasing.

About Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance is an Avalanche-powered platform. It is developing a novel collection of:

  • decentralized apps
  • financial products
  • documentation

They do that for both technologically competent persons and those with no prior understanding of cryptocurrencies.

They are bridging the DeFi-to-mass acceptance gap. Also, they are providing ultra-low prices, an easy UX design, and the greatest documentation/tutorials. PeFi was created by penguins for penguins.

About BooFinance

BooFinance is a new DeFi technology that will give Avalanche network clients unique DeFi options. Their main products are:

  • the Boo Council
  • deflationary NFTs
  • the Cauldron (DAO)

Because the bulk of their farms uses their native token (BOO), they ensure that APYs and token value stay high. Also, the Avalanche blockchain allows BooFinance to operate at a low transaction cost.

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