pionex partners with dash

Singapore-based crypto exchange Pionex has listed popular cryptocurrency Dash.

This is according to a post on Dash’s official blog. The announcement confirmed that Dash will be available for trading against top cryptos like Tether and Bitcoin. Also, it will be traded using Pionex’s five trading bots. For instance, the grid-trading bots that are actively involved in “placing buy and sell orders at regular intervals (“grids”) between a specified high and low price of a given asset”. They enable traders to create a “trading channel”, inadvertently benefiting from market movements within a specified range.

It is also important to note that Pionex provides its users with Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bots. Thus, users can automatically buy and sell at specific intervals, thereby preventing losses from extreme market movements.

According to reports, Pionex has about $47.3 million in reported volume.

Dash’s foothold In the Asian market

This partnership with Pionex is another way of creating awareness for Dash in Asia.

About a year ago, crypto exchange, DigiFinex added Dash crypto. Also enabling its InstantSend feature for swift deposits. Similarly, BigONE also added Dash in Q1 of 2019. Dcoin shortly followed suit. Recently Bibox also added Dash InstantSend for deposits. The addition of Pionex to this growing conglomerate solidifies Dash’s presence in the Asian region.

Dash InstantSent feature stands out in the development of cross-border transactions.  It enables immediate confirmation of deposits on partnering exchanges. Besides, it boasts of less than 2-second automatic InstantSend and less than a penny as transaction fees.

All in all, Dash is aiming at the global adoption of its crypto. Altcoin Buzz also recently reported on it slowly but steadily taking over the Turkish crypto space. Latin America is also part of its focus.


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