Ethereum layer two scaling solutions provider Polygon partners with Peachfolio in order to bring new analytics tools to the network.

The Polygon scaling network has another new crypto partnership. This latest one will enable users to track every DeFi token from the moment it launches on the network.

The announcement was made on February 15 with the Polygon team touting the new network tools.

The collaboration will bring new tracking and price alert functionality for all Polygon tokens to both the app and PeachHub. It will also integrate new functionality to explore grant funding and shared promotion.

Peachfolio stated that the new tracking tools will launch on February 22.

Polygon Token Tracking

Peachfolio is a crypto tracking and analytics platform similar to the popular Blockfolio app that exchange giant FTX now owns.

Furthermore, the app provides tools that help users trade Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum chain tokens. The Peachfolio ecosystem claims to be the “only multi-platform smart solution that delivers portfolio data, market analytics, crypto news, and financial tools.”

The Polygon partnership will bring all of these familiar tools to the Ethereum scaling network.

The Peachfolio ecosystem offers much more than just crypto-asset price tracking tools. It has several hubs including the core PeachHub offering real-time price feeds and crypto industry news.

Additionally, there is the PeachLearn platform that offers educational resources for DeFi and a PeachAnalytics tool that provides blockchain data. PeachFinance incorporates wallet, storage, and crypto insurance products.

Finally, there is PeachNFT and PeachGaming which have NFT and in-game item tracking, validation, and storage. The Peachfolio app is available on Android and iOS.

Additionally, Peachfolio also has its own native token called PCHF but it has a tiny market capitalization of just $1 million.

MATIC Price Outlook

Polygon’s native token, which is still called MATIC, is trading flat on the day with no change since the same time yesterday. The token is currently trading at $1.81 following a 12% slide over the past week.

MATIC is currently down 38% from its December 27 all-time high of $2.92.

PCHF tokens have dropped 2.2% on the day according to CoinGecko. As a result, the token was trading at $0.0016 at the time of writing. PCHF is currently down 78% from its November 7 all-time high of $0.0074.

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