Pornhub users can now pay for Pornhub Premium with Tron and Zencash. This makes them the second and third crypto payment options added to the platform, behind Verge.

This news is probably not as good as it may seem, as Verge saw nothing but a slight bump in valuation when they were added as a payment option on Pornhub. Verge has now lost a corner of the market that they had claimed (more like bought for $4.7 million via crowd-funding) entirely to themselves and now must share it with two others.

Corey Price, the vice president of Pornhub, said the following in a statement:

“Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we cater to our users’ ever-changing payment preferences and, as such, that means accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which provide users with anonymity and security. We look forward to continuing to stockpile our arsenal of cryptocurrencies, providing our fans with more payment methods than ever before. Hopefully we are the precursor for widespread adoption across the industry.”

There is not much to say about this, except R.I.P. in peace Verge, and neat partnership, Tron and Zencash.

Jokes aside, porn is a huge industry. It essentially built the internet much like the Silk Road built Bitcoin in the very early stages. Any currency added to a platform of this magnitude has the potential to appeal to a much wider audience, so it will be interesting to see what this does for Tron and Zencash, but as was the discussion with Verge getting added: Who pays for porn anymore?


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