China Mobile now accepts QGas

QLC starts the integration of its token with the telecommunication industry.

QLC Chain officially confirms that users of China Mobile Guangdong branch can top up their mobile plans with QGas. 

The service became available immediately after Q-wallet’s upgrade on September, 27. Every QGas consumer will benefit a 5% discount. The application is available on Google Play and the App Store. How will the new feature work? If customers need to pay RMB for a mobile plan, they may spend only 95 RMB and cover the remaining sum by QGAS.

QLC Chain is a fast-growing platform for distributed communication services. Instead of receiving your mobile plan from a wireless provider, QLC Chain imagines a system where you purchase access from your peers.

China Mobile Guangdong is the biggest mobile supplier in the eponymous province. It has over 160 million subscribers. And in 2018 the company net profit reached 20 billion RMB.

What are the features of Q-Wallet and where to get QGas?

Q-Wallet was created by the QLC chain as the first mobile Application that accepts QGas. It also supports other coins like QLC, ERC-20 tokens, Nep-5 token, Ethereum, Neo, Tether, TUSD. 

QGas is a QLC fuel token. QGas burns when the mobile service operator provides the plan through the QLC Chain platform.

The customers can buy QGas with QLC or other cryptos from the QWallet market or from other users owning LQC. QGas can also be obtained on Cybex decentralized exchange. A detailed manual on getting QGas was covered by Altcoin Buzz earlier.

Guangdong Mobile Provider is the first communication partner of Q-Wallet. But the plans are to grow extensively and engage more mobile operators in the nearest time.


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