ShareRing Partners With Viator for Travel Bliss

ShareRing has announced its partnership with Viator, a Tripadvisor company. Viator is known for their incredible tours and activities that span the entire globe.

As a result of the partnership between Viator and ShareRing, Viator will deliver over 395,000 activities on their marketplace through the ShareLedger blockchain travel ecosystem. Through this addition on ShareRing, any partner or company that connects to ShareRing’s API when they book for any activity, via Viator’s marketplace, will enjoy the benefits of ShareLedger and ShareRing ID.

Additional benefits for ShareRing app users

This partnership has additional benefits for users of the ShareRing App. When the ShareRing App or any other ShareRing-powered partner is used by travelers, the travelers can be sure of safe and secure payments using any currency. This applies to either crypto or fiat.

Besides, other benefits include near-instant booking and end-end prevention of fraud. Such users can be assured that their payment information, as well as their personal data, are being protected by the ShareRing ID’s blockchain technology.

Tim Bos, CEO of ShareRing, says, “We’re very happy to be adding Viator to the ShareRing ecosystem. Our ShareRing ID and flexible payment solutions, along with the extensive activities from Viator, will help ensure a positive and seamless travel experience for our users.”

Though the ShareRing app, other parties can also benefit from their integration and partnership with Viator. Services provided by ShareRing are developed to aid easy integration and white-labeling. This means that ShareRing’s API can power the booking services of booking portals, travel apps, tour agencies, and even other projects in the blockchain space.

On the ShareLedger network, Viator’s activities can be carried out in conjunction with other services being offered by ShareLedger, such as travel, rental, and accommodation. Such services come with complete registration with the ShareRing ID, as well as payments with ShareLedger, insurance, and e-Visas.

More bookings for Viator

All of ShareRing’s products and partners are accessible to all businesses, and easy, fast, and cheap integration is also guaranteed. Such businesses no longer have to worry about deep technical barriers to be integrated into the marketplace. The high quality of Viator’s activities and tours are of immense value to the ShareRing ecosystem, and Viator and the ShareRing network should both benefit from additional bookings.

The Viator marketplace has some of the best rates and selection. Due to their prowess, they make an incredible addition to ShareLedger’s booking engine. This partnership broadens the exposure of their high-quality, low-rate inventory of travel services and products to consumers.

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