Splyt Core Announces Strategic Partnership With CartRev

Splyt introduces a new way for shoppers to interface seamlessly with web 3.0 technology through their new partnership. CartRev plugs the Splyt Protocol into the social media marketing supply chain. This allows affiliates to sell products from the Splyt ecosystem directly to the consumer. Furthermore, this new function allows individuals to participate in e-commerce and the Splyt ecosystem rather than only brands and large marketplaces. 

Affiliates can sell popular items by advertising the associated eNFT on their social media feed. Then the buyers will be able to interface with the Splyt Protocol seamlessly at checkout through CartRev. Moreover, when a sale is made, the seller gets paid instantly. This makes CartRev the bridge between social media audiences and Splyt’s blockchain infrastructure without any friction or onboarding necessary.

Without a website, affiliates and influencers have no way to pull, list, and sell Splyt’s inventory. CartRev will give sellers full access to Splyt’s global shopping catalog, including the benefits from the eNFT protocol. However, without needing to create a Shopify store. Competitors such as liketoknow. It takes consumers to the retailer website, where the product is initially being sold. This requires multiple checkouts and clunky UI. However, CartRev enables multi-brand sales from the same seller without sending you to a third-party website. 

About Splyt

Splyt is an e-commerce NFT infrastructure that connects e-commerce stores, brands, and affiliates. Furthermore, a unique eNFT is assigned to each item providing users with a globally updating inventory. Basically, an eNFT is a certificate of authenticity to prevent counterfeits, has a built-in smart contract that holds money in escrow to avoid scams, and has a commission to incentivize affiliates and stores. Moreover, the protocol is equipped with the automated dispute and arbitration mechanisms and is governed by consensus to maintain decentralization, flexibility, and user engagement.

About CartRev

CartRev is the future of social commerce, by making all posts shoppable for participating brands. The seller earns a commission every time a buyer shops their post. The buyer is shopping from a trusted source at the best price. The brand is getting unlimited reach and 4X on conversions based on 4 click checkout. This D2C shopping experience is empowered by all and any social media user on a paid on a performance basis. 


At the time of press, the SPLYT token is trading close to $1.38. It is up 1.1% in the last 24 hours.


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