Seedify V2 Upgrade

Nowadays, crypto launchpads are playing an increasingly important role in the ecosystem. These provide very profitable short-term and long-term opportunities with certain conditions to secure an allocation as an early adopter.

However, Seedify has gone a step further with its latest upgrade. With Seedify V2,  users will do locked staking and farming with above-market returns in 7, 14, 30, and 60 days. This article will discover more about how these new features work in Seedify V2 Release and how you can start using them now.

New Staking and Farming Features Will Higher Rewards to $SFUND Holders

Seedify V2 will have advanced staking and farming features which will be available only for $SFUND holders. These upgraded features were previously audited by Certik and Zokyo with extensive community validation.

Therefore, users will need to lock their $SFUND tokens in the staking pool or their LP tokens in the farming pool to participate in Seedify IGOs since October 25th. It’s important to say that these features will move to our website, and new pools on will not be introduced.

As it’s mentioned in the tweet above, Seedify V2 Release locked staking will have four lock period options:

  • Seven days. (5% APY)
  • 14 days. (11% APY)
  • 30 days. (25% APY)
  • 60 days. (55% APY)

Seedify Stakers can utilize the built-in calculator to compare the APY for each lock period depending on the amount they’re staking to have a better picture of the possible rewards for each lock epoch. You need to put the amount of $SFUND tokens you want to lock, and you’ll be able to compare the %APY of each lock period based.

Stake Calculator

Source: Medium

Also, $SFUND holders will be able to achieve a more accessible level of the tier system with the upgraded staking rewards that can reach 2.5x APY. In addition, the Seedify V2 staking rewards allow us to incentive the commitment of certain community members that can’t apply in IGOs caused by restrictions that their countries use.

How to Start Staking and Farming With Seedify V2

To start staking in the latest Seedify upgrade, you need to follow these eight steps:

  1. Enter the Seedify Staking platform.
  2. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the upper right corner to connect your wallet.
  3. Select the “Stake” option.
  4. Select the lock time you desire.
  5. Click on the “Approve” button and confirm the transaction.
  6. Click on the “Stake” option.
  7. Put in the amount you want to stake.
  8.  Click on “confirm.”

For more detailed information about the staking process, please read the staking guide.

On the other hand, to start farming in Seedify V2, users will need to follow these nine steps:

  1. Enter the Seedify farming platform.
  2. To link your wallet, click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the “Farm” option.
  4. Select Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap
  5. If you haven’t already provided liquidity, go to the ‘View Pool’ button and add $SFUND tokens and an equivalent amount of BNB to the DEX liquidity pool. LP tokens will be given to you.
  6. Confirm the purchase by clicking the pool’s ‘Approve’ button.
  7. Select ‘Stake’ from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter the number of LP tokens you want to stake.
  9. Confirm the transaction by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button.

For more detailed information about the staking process, please read the farming guide.

Other News About Seedify Launchpad

Blocktopia, one of Seedify’s most successful IGOs, has achieved 200x profits from its launch.

Also, Seedify has optimized its gas fees. This will enable users to pay much less per transaction.

Finally, to become a $SFUND holder and get the best returns from Seedify IGOs, you can buy the $SFUND token in Pancakeswap, KuCoin, or

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