SubQuery recently announced its expansion into the Avalanche ecosystem. The platform has however made another move, this time involving Terra. SubQuery has expanded its data indexing solution to support the Terra network. The platform has come a long way since becoming the go-to data indexing solution in Polkadot.

SubQuery launched in 2021. Since then, the platform has worked towards extending its services to developers across layer 1 ecosystems. The data indexing technology has also enjoyed rapid growth over the past few months. And its userbase spills into hundreds of projects.

SubQuery provides developers with the instruments they need to rapidly and effortlessly walk through and analyze on-chain data. The platform abstracts the backend. As a result, custom data processing servers are unnecessary. This process helps developers to focus on offering quality service rather than creating their own querying devices.

What Does SubQuery’s Presence Mean for Terra?

This announcement means that SubQuery is the first indexing protocol to support Terra, a top blockchain protocol. Terra uses a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins and the LUNA token to support its community and advance DeFi.

SubQuery’s data indexing technology is a game-changer for platforms such as Terra. It empowers developers and makes their job easier. Furthermore, Terra has a growing developer community. So, having SubQuery in the frame adds color to Terra’s ecosystem. Following this partnership, Terra’s developers will have access to all of the SubQuery ecosystem’s tools. Developers will also receive documentation and developer support. The partnership would see Terra’s developers be eligible to participate in SubQuery’s Grants Program.

SubQuery comes with a wealth of experience as a data index platform. And Terra is also bolstered by SubQuery’s free service offering. This promises enterprise-level infrastructure hosting. It also means processing hundreds of millions of requests per day. This is however all thanks to SubQuery’s deep ties and expertise in developing Polkadot’s top data indexer.

Reacting to the partnership, Sam Zou, the Founder, and CEO of SubQuery expressed his faith in SubQuery’s ability to grow protocols. He said, “SubQuery is a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure and we are delighted to support the explosive growth occurring in Terra. We can’t wait to see how teams in the Terra ecosystem leverage SubQuery’s leading-edge indexing technology to build fast and feature-rich dApps”

What Does the Future Hold for SubQuery?

SubQuery intends to continue its growth in the coming months. As a result, the platform developed a focus list of five other Layer-1 blockchains that it plans to support in 2022. Therefore, Terra is the second of these five. Also, SubQuery is currently working to decentralize and tokenize the protocol. By doing this, the platform intends to launch the SubQuery Network in Q2 of 2022. The network will be simple and open to all. It would also feature innovative payment methods.

About SubQuery

SubQuery is a thriving blockchain developer toolkit that allows users to create future Web3 applications. The data-as-a-service currently supports the Polkadot ecosystem. It also backs Substrate, Avalanche, and Terra projects. SubQuery allows developers to concentrate on their main use case and front-end. So it saves them time in building a tailored backend for data processing.

SubQuery’s uniqueness in the DeFi community makes it a project worth looking at. Furthermore, judging by its roadmap, the platform will certainly continue at its recent growth pace.

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