SandBox: The Biggest Upcoming Blockchain Metaverse

Yet another strategic partnership rocks the NFT gaming ecosystem. This time around, Play-to-Earn guild platform BlockchainSpace announces a strategic partnership with The Sandbox virtual ecosystem. This article will cover important details of the partnership and what it means for both teams.

According to an official press release, the partnership is a major update for the entire NFT space. This partnership will show how to scale communities for NFT games. Interestingly, the partnership will provide BlockchainSpace with the opportunity to connect its guild infrastructure and its more than 680,000 players to the Sandbox virtual world.

BlockchainSpace – “The Guild Hub of The Metaverse”

The NFT metaverse is growing at an unprecedented rate. Virtual worlds have the ability to bring together millions of people. Giving them the opportunity to interact, socialize, play games and earn rewards irrespective of their geographical location. Players can also come together to form groups or guilds. However, to ensure top-notch experience, the process of creating groups or guilds is quite technical. And it also requires highly scalable technology. This is where BlockchainSpace comes in. People consider the Play-to-Earn platform as the “guild hub of the metaverse.” It provides the necessary technology needed to facilitate the creation of groups or guilds in the metaverse.

The partnership with The Sandbox will see the introduction of its 2,600 guilds to the virtual ecosystem. Also, its 680,000 players will be connected with the fast-growing virtual ecosystem of The Sandbox. BlockchainSpace is also well-known for its top-notch dedication to community development. This feature will furthermore be an added advantage to The Sandbox ecosystem.

Notably, NFT games will also be able to build platforms using BlockchainSpace’s Academies solutions. These platforms will help facilitate the growth and development of NFT games. Giving them access to BlockchainSpace guilds. Which, in turn, will help connect and also track players’ interaction in the metaverse.

More on The Partnership

BlockchainSpace and The Sandbox have worked hand-in-hand on several projects before now. Both teams helped build the Philippine community, and also launched the Voxel NFT art competition. They also built the first-ever land experience in the Sandbox dedicated to the Philippines.

The land experience on the Sandbox dedicated to the Philippines includes a number of interesting details. Some of these details include:

  • Taking rides in kalesas and jeeps.
  • Trying out historical clothes, and
  • Touring vast regions of fauna and flora.

The partnership will furthermore facilitate the introduction of more guilds and players into Sandbox. Also, it will help create awareness for BlockchainSpace and its guild infrastructure. And how it can help scale communities for NFT games.

About BlockchainSpace And The Sandbox

As previously stated, BlockchainSpace supports Play-to-Earn guilds. This helps them to scale in the metaverse. The platform also creates tools strategically designed to power gaming communities. According to reports, BlockchainSpace is focused on supporting the launch of the next generation of P2E gamers.

The Sandbox, on the other hand, is a community-focused gaming ecosystem providing creators with the opportunity to earn funds from voxel assets. The Sandbox also has a number of free software tools like VoxEdit, Game Maker, etc. With this software, artists, game designers and players will be able to design and create assets to share with others. These assets can also be monetized. Therefore, providing content creators the opportunity to earn passive income.

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