Cartesi long term investment

Crypto enthusiasts are often seeking new and better investment opportunities. However, investing in crypto projects requires research and a heart of risk.

Therefore, investors need solid projects that they can participate in the long term and Cartesi is one of them. In this article, you will discover why any investor should consider CTSI, Cartesi’s native token, in their portfolios.

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is a Layer 2 scaling solution that allows the development of decentralized apps across various blockchains. Nowadays, scaling concerns, network congestion, and high transaction fees have plagued most blockchains. In order to close that gap, Cartesi provides a solution for most scaling concerns.

Cartesi distinguishes itself by enabling developers to build smart contracts using conventional programming languages such as Python. Also, it provides a Linux environment where development software runs in a separate network without sacrificing security. As a result, decentralized applications end up being much more powerful and easy to build.

Furthermore, CTSI, Cartesi’s native token, is another integral part of the system which have multi-purpose use. It encourages Cartesi node operators to interact with the platform. Users can utilize CTSI to pay transaction fees and stake.

Now, let’s discover why different kinds of professionals can hold CTSI and leverage their investments:

1. The Owner of a Fishing Business Ended up Holding and Accepting CTSI.

Blockchain adoption is viral, and CTSI plays an active role in it. People in different industries now have a place in the blockchain space. In this case, we’ll tell you how Louie Rohrer, an independent business owner, decided to holds CTSI.

Louie Rohrer has an organization called “Louie’s Lures” that combines fishing with community building and the gaming sector. As time passed, his business continue growing, which give him the opportunity to help many small businesses. Louie’s Lures ended up having 9,300 members around the United States.

Louie’s Lures fishing team

Source: Medium

Therefore, he found out about Cartesi and got attracted to it because it had one very important thing in common with his fishing team: A very active community. So, after discovering the Cartesi ecosystem and how passionate their community is about the project, he decided to start buying CTSI and accepting CTSI payments in his business via NOWpayments.

Finally, he said: “I follow Cartesi every day. I don’t care about the CTSI price, I care about the project.”. Here you can read the entire history of Louie Rohrer.

2. How a Traditional Accountant Specialized About Crypto and Adopted CTSI?

Accountants are generally known for their exposure to financial trends. Their job demands keeping tax records, budgeting, and providing their clients with market reports. Therefore, when an accountant holds a token,  it’s because it must be a very low-risk investment.

Joe’s career has seen him work at a very prestigious auditing firm, KPMG. However, he’s been drawn to blockchain since 2017 when he started to learn about its potential. Joe believes blockchain can make accounting easier and more efficient. Therefore, he quickly noted that exploring meme coins wasn’t the right path to his investments.

Cartesi long investment

Source: Medium

Moreover, Joe is a “tech accountant” that is constantly interacting with Linux devices in his job. So, when he discovered that Cartesi combined Linux and blockchain technology, that combination made him immediately be interested.

Therefore, Joe began to research about Cartesi and found it to be a huge project. According to him, “ No other project has dared to win Linux developers over to blockchain, but Cartesi is set to take on the revolutionary role. While it won’t be an overnight experience” Joe believes in Cartesi’s future.

The Dutch accountant is in Cartesi for the long term and he demonstrates it by staking in a Cartesi’s pool to help the network be more secure and to receive CTSI rewards. Also, Joe mentioned: “I didn’t realize you can pay with CTSI until I heard of Travala accepting CTSI. But I do prefer payments with fiat money because that loses value.”

According to Joe, putting your money to work is better than leaving it idle in a bank. So for Joe, investing in CTSI is his long-term investment. Here you can read the entire history of Joe Tang.

3. An Award-Winning Global Futurist is Holding CTSI, and you?

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist and an award-winning keynote speaker. He is also an accomplished author, with several notable works published. So, part of his job is to see how technologies like blockchain will change our society and he thinks that Cartesi will be a very important player in that goal. Here is one of the books that Talwar rote:

Cartesi talks with Rohit Talwar

Source: Medium

Therefore, Rohit has held CTSI since May 2021 because he considers Cartesi a project for the future. According to Rohit, Cartesi has the quality to lead the next wave of crypto adoption.

Cartesi fastens huge computational scale-up in a secure and low-cost way. Furthermore, the project runs in a way that makes developers comfortable with blockchain by letting them code in a familiar language. In his words, “ I think Cartesi is a great example of applications that will be a vital part of the future crypto ecosystem.”

Moreover, Rohit believes the Cartesi project will play a role in making blockchain sustainable. Developers will find Cartesi’s services easy to use. Besides the economic benefits of blockchain,  blockchains like Cartesi promotes data safety and privacy.

Why is Cartesi Different?

Cartesi is the first blockchain-based operating system. Furthermore, it connects Linux and traditional programming tools to the blockchain. This feature allows developers to build on the blockchain with their familiar tools. Cartesi acts as an intermediary between conventional software and blockchain.

Also, it achieves this by bringing Linux to blockchain applications. Furthermore, this enables millions of new entrepreneurs to join the blockchain revolution. Cartesi is built to enable next-generation Dapps by giving them access to huge computing power and easy implementation.

Moreover, the network has made considerable efforts to ensure the removal of all technological hurdles to adoption. Furthermore, Cartesi also supports the main DeFi features and services by addressing scalability, privacy, interoperability, and low-cost transactions.

On the other hand, CTSI is the network’s primary utility token. Surprisingly, Cartesi allows users to buy the cryptocurrency outright using fiat money. Also, CTSI holders can also trade it on a number of different exchanges like Binance,, Coinbase, Kraken, among others.

At the time of writing this article, The CTSI token enjoys stability and currently trades at $0.43 with a 24-hour trading volume of $10.3 million and a marketcap of $224 million.

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