TomoX DEX Deploys Ankr's Cloud Hosting Solution

TomoX DEX (decentralized exchange) has announced the deployment of Ankr’s hosting solution on its platform.

TomoChain’s decentralized exchange protocol, TomoX DEX will now open the DEX operators to another option via the deployment of Ankr’s quick start node hosting solution. This option would enable the instant set up of their server.

Anyone can now easily launch a DEX, also known as a relayer, in a short time. TomoX offers a double range of services to its users and this makes it a game-changer. It couples the experience and speed of centralized exchanges with the secure nature of decentralization. These decentralized features make it easier for users to have direct custody of their funds.

Why Ankr?

With the distributed cloud hosting solution provided by Ankr, the problems associated with blockchain node deployment are addressed and eventually reduced. This includes the node deployment, both for firms and individuals.

Ankr’s solutions are distributed, user-friendly, and affordable. As a distributed cloud solution, Ankr will enable users on the TomoChain network to operate their Masternodes and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

In comparison with the pricing offered by traditional centralized cloud providers, Ankr’s solution is very affordable. To run a TomoX DEX node on Ankr, users need to pay as low as $75 USD/month. Based on a special offer, Ankr is currently offering a free trial for TomoX DEX node deployment. This offer will last until the 12 August 2020.

Due to its user-friendly features, Ankr also enables users to deploy their TomoChain node even without any technical experience. This can be done with just a few clicks. With the dashboard available, users can manage and monitor their node performance. For more details, follow this tutorial.

Ankr in partnership with other firms

Our recent report shows that Elrond has partnered with Ankr to enable the deployment of Ankr’s distributed cloud hosting solution to Elrond nodes.

The CEO of Elrond, Beniamin Mincu said: “The drive to be a part of the new economy, and contribute to the internet-scale blockchain’s security & efficiency should not be met with technical obstacles. We are happy to soon be able to offer our supporters the means to set up & run an Elrond node with Ankr’s intuitive platform.”

Ankr currently supports node deployment for almost 40 blockchains. They aim at enabling 100+ types of blockchain nodes in the future, both for developers and enterprise clients.

Previously, the much-anticipated TomoChain Excalibur hardfork went live on May 12. To inform users of the details of the hard fork and answer their questions, Altcoin Buzz hosted an AMA with TomoChain. Read about the AMA here.


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