Akoin, UNL Partnership for Digital Africa

Akoin, which is an emerging cryptocurrency and DApp ecosystem, has entered into a strategic alliance with the universal smart addressing platform for navigation and location-based services, UNL. Together, they aim to establish a pan-African digital mapping and addressing infrastructure.

According to the press release shared with the Altcoin Buzz team, the Akoin and UNL partnership will focus on powering cross-border economics. They intend to use digital mapping as the way forward to effect economic inclusion in the continent.

The release further stated that the new partnership would cater to all locations across the continent.

Notably, the initiative will witness an important collaboration between the Grammy-nominated artist, Akon’s digital currency for Africa, “Akoin”, and UNL. This move will go a long way to unlock the economic potential of the continent and power new digital services.

Speaking about the alliance, Akon stated that the Akoin team selected UNL due to its pioneering mapping service abilities which could help actualize their vision.

“The systems they have in place actually work very well with the parts of Africa we’re dealing with, and if you need to get a particular package to a particular place UNL is the perfect size to facilitate that,” he noted.

Unlocking Africa’s economic potential

According to the press release, the Akoin and UNL partnership will help provide services like e-commerce and delivery through digitalized platform. Plans to implement smart city applications for more sustainable and inclusive communities will also get a boost.

UNL expressed their belief that this collaboration would help transform Akoin’s vision for unifying Africa as a market into reality.

“UNL is made to connect the unconnected and unlock the economic potential of locations. We believe our collaboration will enable many regions across the continent for the digital economy and empower brands. And also entrepreneurs to deliver new hyper-local services and applications to any location,” Xander van der Heijden, CEO of the universal smart addressing platform, said.

Also, Xander would be joining the Advisory Board of Akoin to intensify the synergy and enable a multi-level collaboration between the two platforms.

Digital solution for those without an address

To get the perspective, over 440 million people in Africa were without even an address, which is a critical and basic socio-economic tool.

The platform claimed their expertise would help provide these people with a personalized and unique digital address. They would assign them with a custom name, along with adding and managing private metadata and last-mile navigation information.

About UNL

UNL is an Amsterdam and Singapore-based smart addressing platform for location and navigation services. It also gives anyone anywhere with a unique and smart address to power the hyper-location-based economy.

Founded in 2018, UNL provides any location with a universal and unique location ID. The platform is also building the Internet of Places as an infrastructure for location-based service economy.

Earlier, we covered an extensive overview of the Akoin project and its DApp ecosystem that underlined the founder, Akon’s vision and “One Africa, One Koin” digital currency initiative.



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