VeChain Partners With RMIT To Enhance Blockchain Research

The VeChain Foundation recently announced its partnership with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Blockchain Innovation Hub.

The RMIT Innovation Hub is joining the VeChain Foundation’s VeResearch program, which serves as the basis for this collaboration.

About the VeResearch Program

The VeResearch Program was initially launched by the VeChain Foundation in January 2018. VeResearch has been a major force behind VeChain’s progress on blockchain-based technology. As a global innovative research grant program, VeResearch has collaborated with world-class global research teams to co-develop blockchain solutions.

Solutions that have been developed through VeResearch have been geared towards the improvement of VeChainThor and the betterment of the blockchain industry at large. The goal of VeChain is also to integrate blockchain into different industries by creating bridges between the real world and blockchain technology. The grant program is designed to empower developers and academics to create high-level practical responses to the industrial challenges faced by businesses today.

In line with VeChain’s goals, VeResearch has joined forces with the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. The initial goal of this partnership is to accelerate the standardization of blockchain governance consensus and enhance current studies on blockchain governance models.

VeChain x RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub

Known as the first research center in the world based upon the social science of blockchain technology, the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub brings together a superb team of social science researchers and economists. The team includes Dr. Chris Berg, who is a TV media commentator and a scholarly contributor in the Australian Journal of Political Science. He is also a co-director of the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Chris Berg said, “The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is excited to be working with one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms to explore and research governance models for public blockchains. With this important research we are hoping to build towards a general theory of blockchain governance contributing to VeChain’s ecosystem and providing benefit to the broader blockchain community.”

The RMIT team will work closely with the VeResearch team. While focusing on blockchain-based governance models and improving the standard of blockchain governance consensus,  a framework for comparing and evaluating governance systems of public blockchains will be developed.

Due to its high-level research, VeResearch has worked closely with different high-profile academic institutions, including the University of Oxford, Michigan State University, Dartmouth College, South China Normal University, and Tsinghua University.

Previously, VeChain collaborated with I-Dante and developed E-HCert, a blockchain-based COVID-19 records app. The E-HCert app provides an archival solution for COVID-19 RT-PCR (real time-polymerase chain reaction) and antibodies tests (Rapid Test) records.

As of time of publication, VeChain (VET) price was $0.01924698 with a 24-hour trading volume of $500,819,245. VET price also went up by 15.5% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 64.8 billion coins and a max supply of 86.7 billion. Binance is also the current most active market trading VET.

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