One of the oldest tea businesses in Japan, Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden, is now working with VeChain to improve authenticity and traceability of their tea products via NFC chips.

While only in trial, the company took 100 tea batches embedded with VeChain’s NFC chips and used them in their limited offering of Fuji Tea. After the trial is complete, it is expected a formal partnership will be announced. To achieve their end result, VeChain assigns every product with a unique ID for traceability purposes. Via this chip, customers can scan the product to learn about the history of the tea garden and more importantly the verification certificate issued and stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

The short video samples the interaction a customer would have. They scan the product via the NFC chip and it will show the product name and unique product ID.

Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden has been around for the past 90 years in one of the most famous origins of Japanese tea, Shizuoka. The city has been one of the imperative Japanese tea gardens since the mid-1200s.

The company utilizes centuries of tea master’s skills mixed with modern technology to develop the best blend for their products. In 2013 the company won the World Green Tea Contest Supreme Gold Award in 2013 and has been working diligently to continue that reputation.

At the upcoming Japan Classy Culture Experiences & Party in Singapore, on December 7th, Fiji MARUMO Tea Garden will demonstrate their tea products with VeChain’s technology for the world to see.

VeChain has a bright future, especially if it can get itself embedded in the worldwide food and medicine traceability business. We deserve to know what products are in the food, drinks, and medicine we put in our bodies.


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