On March 22nd Verge asked its community to donate an amount of $3 million in verge (XVG) with a promise to reveal a potential partnership. This request was bold of Verge, who claimed their mysterious potential partner “represents an enormous potential market with a global reach that will compete with multiple fiat currencies.”

April 17th, 2018 that partnership was revealed to be Pornhub, a pornographic video sharing website and the largest pornography site on the Internet. 

Verge will also be accepted by Pornhub’s sister sites Brazzers & Nakatu.

It should have come as no surprise that Pornhub chose a privacy coin to partner with. No longer do people need to attach their name to their kinks by handing over their personal and credit card information. Gone are the days when consumers need to have an awkward “Hey honey, what’s this charge?” conversation when going over credit card statements.

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement “Here at Pornhub, we have always strongly valued innovation and privacy. Over the past couple of years we’ve launched Virtual Reality (VR), to provide our users with the most immersive experience possible; a Bug Bounty program, which offers monetary rewards to security researchers for finding bugs on our platform; and HTTPS, to provide a more secure user experience. Our acceptance of Verge is an affirmation of our dedication to innovation and privacy, which recently has caused much concern and been at the forefront of all tech consumers’ minds,” Price also added “We’re extremely excited to offer our fans the ability to use crypto and think Verge, with its focus on anonymity, is the best option – whether for privacy, convenience or both!”

Many Crypto Enthusiasts were skeptical when it came to the Verge and Pornhub partnership. Many people argued that no one would actually pay for pornography on a video-sharing site with many free options. Pornhub confirmed on their official twitter that as of April 19th they had already received thousands of XVG payments.

Love or hate Verge, this partnership is so much bigger than a single cryptocurrency. Not only does this bring attention to the Verge community but the level of exposure is going to penetrate deep and bring cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience.

“The future has cum


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