Waves: a thorough overview

The partnership will ensure that control remains in the hands of users, which is made possible by Blockpass.

Yesterday, Waves Platform announced its partnership with Blockpass on Twitter. The partnership will result in some exciting developments.

Blockpass is a KYC (Know Your Costumer) provider and identity management system. Based on the tweet, the partnership will produce fast, low-cost KYC for blockchain businesses and DApps.

Unlike before, the users of the platform will be able to enjoy a greater sense of control over their information. Waves Platform also added that the Tokenized Identity will support Web 3.0.


Expected outcome from the partnership

KYC is crucial in this age which assures better security, transparency, regulation compliance and much more.

The partnership of the two companies has made the costly KYC system much more affordable. It has reduced the cost for small scale companies and independent developers. 

They are also working on the required features and instruments for the seamless and effective development of decentralized applications.


Control still in the hands of users

The partnership also ensures that control remains in the hands of the user. This was made possible by the Blockpass application.

The application can work on both Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, users can make, save, and administer their information in the form of digital identity. This ensures safety against threats such as privacy leakage, hacking, and crypto-hacking.


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