Yellow Road Now Orion Protocol Launchpad Liquidity Partner

Yellow Road joins popular decentralized finance (DeFi) Orion Protocol ecosystem as one of its liquidity partners.

The IDO platform, Yellow Road, is now the latest entity to join the Orion ecosystem. According to an official blog post, the partnership will provide Yellow Road with top-notch support throughout its entire launchpad process. The partnership will also make it possible for the IDO platform to add support for incubated projects on their swap, which is, in turn, linked to the liquidity of the market.

Orion Protocol looks to provide a single decentralized gateway to the entire crypto market. That is, bringing together the liquidity of every cryptocurrency exchange to form a single decentralized platform. Alongside its remarkable crypto liquidity solution, the platform has also launched a liquidity launchpad for incubators. These incubators will facilitate the launch of incubated projects on the launchpad using a “whitelabel swap DEX” linked to the entire crypto market. On the Orion launchpad, these projects can also raise funds and go live on the launchpad swap almost immediately. Therefore, providing more opportunities to generate revenue, reduce friction, and ensure top-notch customer experience as well.

Details of the Partnership

Yellow Road is a fast-rising and unique IDO with a focus on supporting the most innovative crypto projects while harnessing the power of the entire crypto community. The IDO platform, simply put, is looking to empower not just projects but ethics, people, and ideas. To achieve this, it is creating a platform focused on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) IDO projects. Ensuring that they get much-needed support from dedicated community members.

The platform is also looking to offer funding via a number of methods. Some of these methods include smart auctions, community building, engagement programs for projects, etc.

Orion Protocol launchpad liquidity will also assist the IDO platform to streamline its entire launchpad process. This process includes its token distribution, fundraising event, secondary market listing, etc. With this support, Yellow Road will be able to launch its own incubated projects on its swap IDO, therefore ensuring more revenue, amongst other advantages. They will also be able to trade assets directly on their platform.

Interestingly, this feature is quite possible on any launchpad. However, Orion Protocol Launchpad stands out because of the liquidity it provides. Joining Orion Protocol Launchpad will provide Yellow Road with unlimited access to liquidity across the entire cryptocurrency market. The launchpad will also enable the IDO platform to reach a wider audience. The platform will also enjoy more revenue streams and also boost the growth and development of the platform.

About the IDO

The Yellow Road IDO took place on April 10, 2021, on the Web 3.0 decentralized cross-chain IDO platform Poolz. Interestingly, Poolz also recently joined Orion Protocol as a launchpad liquidity partner. This means that Yellow Road will be one of the first projects to be incubated and listed on Poolz’s recently launched swap DEX.

What is very interesting is that Yellow Road made the decision to lock 100% of the liquidity ($1.5 million) for a full six months. As for the reason why, the platform states, “This means of ROAD tokens will be locked for the next 6 months and we cannot liquidate them or exchange them. We took this step so we remain in sync with our community, partners and investors, share a common feeling with them and make them more confident about their decision of being a crucial part of Yellow Road journey.”

Speaking on the partnership, Mr O, CEO of Yellow Road, pointed out that Orion Protocol and the Yellow Road platform are quite similar. He added that the partnership with Orion is a welcome update. One that is sure to add value to the entire Yellow Road community.

Kal Ali, COO of Orion Protol, also expressed excitement about the partnership with the IDO platform. He said that Orion looks forward to assisting the Yellow Road team to streamline its fundraising process.

Yellow Road is a unique IDO platform with a focus on BSC project IDOs. It looks to empower these projects providing them with strong community support.

ORN Price

At the time of writing, was trading at 17.35, with a market cap of $362,401,250, and a 24-hour trading volume of $27,696,399.

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