For most crypto users, the market is all about buying and holding assets. However, those days are long gone. The market is speedily evolving, and more earning options are available. But, time has proven that holding is one of the safest investment strategies. Nevertheless, we can all agree that more can be done with our holdings than just hodling.

Passive income is a concept that transcends beyond the crypto space. Passive income usually requires minimal effort. For example, it could involve earning from a rental property or a side investment. However, there are numerous ways to make money from crypto platforms. This article explores passive income crypto options.

Binance Passive Income Crypto Options

This is one of the most popular choices for traders seeking passive income crypto options. Binance Earn is a crypto product portfolio designed to generate passive revenue from idle assets. There are some great crypto passive income options on Binance. Let’s take a look at them:


Savings is a way to earn passive income on Binance. There are two kinds of savings options on Binance, flexible and fixed savings. Sometimes, hodling coins and having them sit idle in your account might do you little or no good. Instead, you can lend these coins to traders at a guaranteed interest rate. The best part is that you have full control over your funds. In addition, you can decide when to remove them if you think you’ve had enough.

Furthermore, borrowers cover up any losses. As a result, there’s no need to fear assets being lost. You can earn up to 5% annually on flexible savings. Also, you do not have to exert yourself as Binance does the bulk of the work for you.

In addition, if you search for higher interest rates and have no need for urgent cash, then fixed savings might be a good option. You can earn up to 45 percent yearly interest by lending your crypto for a set length of time. Locked Savings is similar to flexible savings in that it compensates lenders much more for simply locking in their coins for a set duration. It’s both a good way to fight inflation and earn a profit.


Binance Earn offers convenience, which is a huge bait for people seeking to earn. With as little as 10 USDT worth of tokens, you can begin staking and earn a higher reward. This option offers a slew of benefits. In addition, you can redeem without losing your original stake or coughing out redemption fees. In a nutshell, you help POS networks improve their security. As a result, you can earn up to 152% annual interest. Choose from 30 different Proof-of-Stake (POS) tokens such as EOS, DOT, or ADA and earn. Locked savings is a good option to participate in the crypto community.

Liquid Swap

As mentioned earlier, there are other ways to gather wealth in the crypto space. This goes beyond purchasing several altcoins and hoping a few will moon. Liquid Swap is another crypto passive income option on Binance and the crypto market. Liquid Swap is a tool that caters to both traders and users with asset management requirements.

With the simple swap function, you can buy or sell your favorite tokens with local cash or tokens. You can also contribute your assets to the pool and earn returns. The mechanics of Liquid Swap are the same as any other liquidity pool or yield farming platform. However, it comprises several liquidity pools, each of which holds two digital tokens. Furthermore, it comes with reduced costs and a wider selection of pool assets.

BNB Vault

BNB vault is another smart option to earn passively. The BNB Vault allows users to make a daily income from the Binance community. Using this system, you can stake your idle tokens and earn huge annual returns. Binance launched this service in 2020. However, BNB Vault has few concerns as Binance guarantees capital earnings. 

Depending on the amount of BNB tokens put in the vault, users can earn a daily income ranging from 1% to 10%. The second day’s interest will begin to accrue at 00:00 UTC, and the revenue will be remitted to users on the third day. This gives you more options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing BNB. Watch this clip to learn more about this feature. 

These are good crypto passive income options, but if you are willing to do a little research, here are others you can consider. These options are based on liquidity pools. Let’s quickly run through them.

Great Income Options Outside of Binance

 Almost everyone can attest to Avalanche’s recent progress. Since 2021, Avalanche’s performance has been noteworthy. On the other hand, UST is amongst the kings of stablecoins. Combining Avalanche’s recent wins with UST is a good investment. This combo is on Pangolin, one of the best performing DEXs. This liquidity pool pays out 73%, making it a good passive income option. If you love a pool with a continuous high APR, like many traders, then this could be your answer.


Our recent article addresses this in detail. However, Fantom is one of the recent well-performing platforms. Fantom’s token FTM is a good token to hold. Seeing the recent developments in Fantom, one can predict that FTM might explode soon. Fantom enjoys community support, which shows how much awareness it has received in recent weeks. 

As mentioned earlier, hodling FTM might be a good investment. However, you can decide to put it to use and earn a passive income from it. You can use your FTM to provide liquidity in various FTM liquidity pools. For example, FTM-USDC is a smart passive income option. 

FTM’s cost and payment structure put it miles ahead of its rivals. You might want to consider this. 

Staking UST in Anchor

Ancho is one DeFi platform that favors both lenders and borrowers. Staking UST in Anchor is one passive income option worth looking at. For many reasons, this could prove profitable. First, both UST and Anchor belong to the Terra ecosystem. So there’s no stress in terms of compatibility. The procedure of staking UST in Anchor is easy. 

However, it is important to note that this is not financial advice. So, do your own research. 

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