As a traditional CeFi lender, Vauld has some pretty stiff competition from Nexo, Celsius, and BlockFi. And when trying to grow a business against this competition, the easiest way to differentiate yourself is to actually be different and offer things they don’t.

Vauld has very good to excellent rates, most of which match or beat the competition. But it’s the other things they offer that really add value. Let’s look at four examples.

Binance Integration

Many CeFi lenders allow limited buying and selling of cryptos. That’s mostly because they have limited cryptos they support. And if you want Bitcoin or Ethereum, that’s fine. Everyone offers that. But what if you wanted to buy SLP to play Axie or The Sandbox. Other CeFi lender buying and trading programs don’t support this. But Vauld does. Vauld is integrated with Binance. This means within Vauld you can access Binance’s order books which are the world’s largest. And with that access, you can trade up to 250 trading pairs directly from your account or from the proceeds of your loan. Trading fees are low. You can pay just 0.1% to trade in the BTC/USDT or ETH/USDT pairs.


Vauld’s AIP stands for Automatic Investment Program. Although not exclusively for this use, this is the ‘Buy the Dip’ program. But you don’t have to buy dips at all. You could be waiting for a confirmation of a breakout and after a 3% or 5% increase, then you buy. You can program your buys daily, weekly, or monthly.

We talk often about DCA here. That’s dollar-cost averaging, which means small, regular buys to take advantage of volatility as well as not be concerned with day-to-day price movements. It’s a great way to stack and Vauld automates this process for you. Set it up once and it just keeps buying for you whether it’s $100 per week or thousands per month. And you can set it up to buy a basket of tokens at once. Want to buy all the Layer 1s for $100 a month? You can. Want to buy only interoperable chains? You can. Want to mix and match? You can. One last cool thing is once you buy in the AIP, your coins automatically start earning interest too. Pretty cool.

Many Tokens Offered

Every CeFi lender, even those involved in trading, has a limited number of tokens they are willing to pay interest on. Vauld recently added 230 coins as part of the Binance integration. Yet, many of these coins are available for the regular interest program too. For example, you can earn:

  • 12.73% on Matic
  • 4.6% on BTC or ETH
  • Or 9.41% on stablecoin TUSD
  • Along with many options for coins usually not available like 1% on Chainlink

So these aren’t just for trade, they are for earning passive income too.

No Coin of Their Own

One last thing making Vauld different from Celsius and Nexo (but not BlockFi) is that they don’t have their own coin. We mentioned this in our video about them. We love the lack of nonsense of having to stake or receive some coin you don’t want. You just get paid in kind. Deposit ETH get paid in ETH. We like that simplicity.

So if you are looking for a good CeFi lending option and you found some aspects of BlockFi or Nexo that you didn’t like, you should give Vauld a look.

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