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In “Creating New Job Opportunities in Metaverse”, which occurred in the first day of the conference, Thursday 17th at 11:15 PM (EST), we have the following speakers:

  • Sandali Handagama , Coindesk- Moderator
  • Miles Anthony, Decentra Games.
  • Sathya Peri, Gather.

Therefore, if you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this GeckoCon conference, you can read it in this article:

Sandall: Facebook has converted “Metaverse” into a very popular word nowadays, but I would like you to know your definition of it 

Miles Anthony: The metaverse is a digital 3D space where people can enter and do many things, but there is a difference between an open or closed version. Therefore, I think that Facebook’s metaverse will be closed and that we will not be able to own the NFTs.

However, I think Facebook will play an essential role in adding many new people in the crypto world to its metaverse.

Sathya Peri: I agree with Miles. The metaverse should be open and decentralized. I think the metaverse will be like the internet, an open space where developers can build many applications on top of it.

Sandall: What roles will the NFTs have?

Miles Anthony: It depends on what purpose you have it for. If you are an investor, you will want to be sure of the ownership of the NFT.

Sandall: What do you think about the jobs that will be created to create in the metaverse?

Sathya Peri: The metaverse is already here, with many users interacting. So there will be millions of creators in the metaverse. This work will focus on creating many experiences so that each community becomes more and more loyal.

Miles Anthony: The metaverse will have many changes and evolutions in the future. I also think that the open and decentralized metaverse has already been created.

Sandall: What kind of jobs and skills will be needed in high demand for the metaverse sector?

Miles Anthony: There is a lot of criticism from people who believe that the metaverse is still too young. Therefore, people are working as testers to test all the functions. For example, in Axie Infinity, many people are playing as if it were a job.

It would be the same with people who are in the metaverse in games participating in their economy. Also, the best thing about the metaverse has feedback from real people.

Sathya Peri: I think these are some jobs that can be easily created in the metaverse: Community manager, Community hosts, Discord managers, NFT curators, Job affair hosters, Jobseeker hosters, DJ’s, Graffiti artists.

Moreover, the concept of looking for a job and managing communities will change, and these jobs will be created.

Sandall: Do you think this will be the future?

Miles Anthony: Yes definitely, he thinks it is perfect that many jobs are created in the metaverse.

Sandall: What are the obstacles companies face to having workers from all over the world on the metaverse?

Sathya Peri: I think that the main obstacles will be related to:

  • Education and adoption on the metaverse
  • Find ways to work with other metaverse companies.

We want an open and decentralized metaverse. Therefore, I think the next step will be to create more need for people to be in the metaverse, finding people with a passion for building an open and decentralized metaverse.

Sandall: How are we going to shop and buy in the metaverse?

Miles Anthony: The trend in buying and selling metaverses will be on scalable and inexpensive blockchains such as Polygon. Also, the fashion industry will be very popular in a metaverse as well.

Sathya Peri: Marketplaces will be essential parts of the metaverse because each person will have an avatar and will be able to interact with the creators of NFTs to see why they want to sell it. The fact that two people get together implies that they can do many things, making it very valuable.

Sandall: How will the metaverse change the tourism/entertainment industries?

Miles Anthony: It will be in the medium to long term, as there are now many limitations in software and hardware, but it will go that way.

Sathya Peri: I’m very excited about this because developers will be able to include museums, theaters, and virtual places closer to communities.

More about the GeckoCon Session

Sandall: How people will pay for the assets in the metaverse

Sathya Peri: There will be a trend to pay with cryptocurrencies or stablecoins within the metaverse.

Miles Anthony: It makes a lot of sense for users in the metaverse to pay in crypto or stablecoins. This will be very convenient for users. Exchanges will play a vital role for people to exchange their cryptos in metaverses.

Sandall: Regulations in the metaverse

Sathya Peri: There will be moderators, algorithms, and transaction controllers to control the metaverses. Over time, regulators will improve and understand the model.

Miles Anthony: I agree that the moderators will be better and better for the metaverse. I recognize the need for regulars to enhance the metaverse experience.

Sandall: How will the metaverse be affected by climate change?

Miles Anthony: Yes, the metaverse can help a lot to reduce emissions, significantly reducing the mobility of people and the use of resources.

Sandall:  If we could populate the metaverse, what impact would it have on education?

Sathya Peri: One option would be to start getting children into the metaverse and learn the skills necessary to help create the metaverse. This will lead to many future professional developments in the future.

Miles Anthony: Having the schools in the metaverse is a good idea even though difficulties were seeing the classes because of a PC in the pandemic. That would make fewer child absenteeism in schools and make it cheaper for people to enter the metaverse.

Sandall: What specific thing are you most excited about in the metaverse?

Sathya Peri:  I sum it up in one sentence: Rich human connection.

Miles Anthony: I agree with Sathya and also the part of P2E games. To improve people’s experience and enlarge the user base.

Sandall:  Anything else you would like to add?

Miles Anthony: Improve human interaction in the metaverse by increasing the number of games.

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