2 GUARANTEED BIG Crypto Airdrops

Free money! That is what airdrops are about. The recent Arbitrum airdrop had an average of $800 to $1,000. Pending on how many tokens you got and when you sold. Another recent airdrop was Aptos, late last year. This drop was good for up to $2,000.

So, it’s good to be on the ball for these airdrops. I just discussed the zkSync airdrop. However, now it’s time for two more highly anticipated airdrops. Let’s discover them in this article.

Airdrop #1: Layer Zero

Layer Zero is a multichain and interoperable protocol that passes lightweight messages across chains. It also guarantees message delivery. So, the protocol already raised $173 million, and a token is a likely next step in their development. 

I can also let you in on some cool inside knowledge. There’s no airdrop announced. But look at these official Layer Zero docs, on the 6th coding row, they talk about the ZRO token. These seem to be parameters for an airdrop. There are 4 more references in this piece of code. Caught red handed, right? So, an airdrop is likely. However, officially, there’s no announcement of an airdrop by LZ. 

So, what do we need to do? It’s time to start using bridges and DEXes again. You need to do these tasks: 

1- Install a wallet. An EVM compatible wallet like MetaMask or MathWallet will do.

2- Join their Discord server and be active on their server.

3- Be active on Stargate. This is a protocol built by Layer Zero. Buy STG tokens on a DEX like Uniswap. Buying on a CEX like Binance and transferring them in may not qualify you. 

4- Once you have STG tokens, stake them on the Stargate site. This gives you voting power. Make sure to vote on some proposals. The snapshot votes are the votes you want to take part in. See the Loom video. So, the next step is to start using Layer Zero apps. It’s time to start bridging. 

We start with the Stargate Bridge from Ethereum to Arbitrum. Welcome to the high gas fees. You can this video. About bridges, you can use LiquidSwap BridgeAptos Bridge and Metis Bridge is another one you can use. 

More About Layer Zero Airdrop

So, you need an Aptos wallet for this. For example:

Add a small amount of APT to your chosen wallet, 0.5 or 1 APT will do. Now connect your MetaMask and your Aptos wallet. This allows you to send ETH to your Aptos wallet. Do this on both bridges. Here are two videos about it (1 and 2).

On the other hand, cross chain swaps are another way to qualify. For example, SushiX Swap uses Layer Zero technology. In other words, buy tokens on one chain, and they pop up on a different chain. So, let’s have a look. Connect your wallet two times. Once from the origin chain and once for the destination chain.

Then, I transferred wETH from BNB to Polygon and received MATIC. However, have patience, this may take a while. For instance, my transfer took 20 minutes. The total cost was around $1.30 to $1.50. You can see this in this video. And last, try out other Layer Zero apps. For example:

That’s it for Layer Zero. I discussed plenty of options to get a share of this potential airdrop. To sum up, the total costs of using the bridges are around $3 to $30 or more. However, this depends if you used Ethereum as originating chain. Money well worth it in case there’s an airdrop. So, are you up for these kinds of airdrops? This leads me to my second option of airdrops for today, Lens Protocol.

Airdrop #2: Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol is a SocialFi platform. And it’s also a piping hot one to boost. It ticks all the right boxes. For example:

  • They build on Polygon.
  • It has a low carbon footprint.
  • DIDs or decentralized social identities are hot.
  • People stumble over each to get a Lens handle. 

With Lens, you’re in control of your content and your audience. You can’t lose them, like, for instance, on Twitter. 

So, Lens has a lot going for itself. There are only around 115,000 to 120k NFTs or handles minted. These are for 110,000 users. And guess what, they are almost all gone. So, that’s the toughest part, to get a Lens handle.

And that’s where the key is according to me. So, to qualify for this airdrop, you need such a Lens handle. And why? Well, it lets you interact with the Lens ecosystemThat’s what airdrops all boil down to, in the end. Although there are no bridges this time, there’s some work to do. First, let’s get us a Lend handle.

The easiest and fastest way is to get one on OpenSea. Out of those 115K, there’s only 2% listed. Here’s the kicker, the floor price is at $209. However, it’s a good investment, if you think of the potential return. This has the potential for a big drop.

Or grind your way to a handle with Phaver. This is an app powered by Lens. Onboard by completing some simple tasks. Each week, they submit applications to Lens. You can check your eligibility on a spread sheet. If you qualify, you can mint your handle.

More About Lens Protocol Airdrop

So, assuming you have your Lens handle, let’s connect with Lens apps. For example:

  • Visit Lenster. This is like Twitter. You can post, comment, or like them. Connect your Lens handle, and you’re all set. You can also collect other users’ posts and follow other users.
  • Interact with Lenstube. This is a social media for decentralized video-sharing. Connect your Lens handle and off you go. Like videos or post some yourself. 
  • Trade your posts on Lens port. It’s a social NFT marketplace. Connect your Lens handle and start exploring. For instance, collect posts and share posts. Build on Lens, owned by you. 
  • There are loads of other apps on Lens, so go and check them out.

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  1. Hi Camille,
    Solid article. I’ve been trying to get a Lens profile for more than 2 months, unfortunately it’s still closed for beta testing. Is it still worth trying to farm the Lens airdrop if we didn’t get into that initial group?


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