3 BIG Crypto Airdrops if You Missed Arbitrum or Aptos

What do Optimism (OP), Aptos (APT), and Arbitrum (ARB) have in common? Right, all three had recent airdrops. Together, closing in on anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

So, airdrops can bring you ‘free’ money. However, it’s not completely free, though. For most airdrops, you have to complete tasks. New blockchains have test nets that need testing. That’s where you come in. Here are three potential airdrops for you. I will show you how to take part. Remember, always use a burner wallet. 

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1) Scroll

Scroll is a zk Rollup that is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible. They don’t have a token yet. However, their testnet is live and open to the public. The team already raised $80 million. So, let’s dive in and see how you can qualify for a potential Scroll airdrop. It’s a good start to have the Scroll testnet user guide at the ready:

  • The first step is to go to the Scroll testnet page.
  • Now it’s time to get your wallet out. I used MetaMask.
  • Set up your Goerli Testnet for layer 1.
  • Add layer 2 for the Scroll Alpha testnet
  • Now get some Goerli testnet ETH. The faucet will give you 0.02ETH. Be aware, this ETH has no real-life value!

scroll airdrop review

Source: Twitter

These are the basics, now we are ready to start testing. Scroll makes it easy and tells you what to do. So, first things first, let’s start bridging.

  • Bridge testnet ETH from Goerli L1 to the Scroll L2. This took me 15 minutes.
  • Now bridge it back from Scroll L2 to Goerli L1.

Furthermore, check out the ecosystem and interact with projects. That’s another viable option to qualify for this airdrop. It’s likely that the more you interact, the bigger your potential airdrop may be. For example,

  • Join the Scroll guild. Connect your wallet and sign the message. Now do some easy tasks, like following Scroll on Twitter.
  • Visit Uniswap on Scroll.
  • Connect to the Scroll Alpha Testnet.
  • Wrap ETH to wETH, use a small amount. And unwrap it.
  • Add USDC with this code (0xA0D71B9877f44C744546D649147E3F1e70a93760)
  • Add liquidity to the ETH-USDC pool.

You are welcome to use as many other apps as you feel like. And that’s a wrap for Scroll. Let’s move on to StarkNet.

2) StarkNet

Starknet is another Layer 2 built on Ethereum. Just like Scroll, it uses zk Rollup tech. The interesting thing is that they already launched their STRK token. That was in November 2022. However, it’s sitting on Ethereum and waiting for distribution. The team is still making up their minds on how to do this.

So, an airdrop is likely, but not guaranteed. So, let’s look at some activities we can do. Be aware, you use your own, real money here, no more testnet tokens are at play!

starknet airdrop

Source: Twitter

a) Set up a StarkNet-compatible wallet: ArgentX is the most popular one. Once you have completed all tasks, leave the rest ETH in the wallet. It’s most likely raising your airdrop potential. Also, be aware that many apps you use are in the Alpha stages. In other words, they may not work 100% correctly and there is a chance that you can lose your funds.

Now it’s time to bridge some ETH to your wallet. I use the Starkgate bridge for this. Connect both an Ethereum and your ArgentX wallet. Let’s bridge. Small amounts should be fine. However, use the bridge regularly. It took about 15 minutes to bridge.

b) Go to JediSwap or KSwap and swap some tokens: I used JediSwap. I swapped some ETH to USDC and back. You can also add liquidity by using the ZAP feature.

Furthermore, you can mint your StarkNet ID. It’s like ENS, a name service. Here’s a sample of minted ID. Look for more protocols and interact with them. For example:

How do you like these projects? Did you join the tasks and airdrops in general? 

 3) Linea

Linea is another layer 2 on Ethereum. A popular place to be, if we look at today’s projects. You may also know it as Consensys zkEVM. And here’s the giveaway, Consensys is the company behind it. In other words, they have massive funding. Consensys raised up to $726 million to date. So, if there’s an airdrop, it may well be a juicy one.

linea airdrop review

Source: Twitter

However, the tasks started already 3 weeks ago. They are part of the Linea Voyage and there are 9 weeks in total. Each week you need to collect points. So, week 4 just finished, and week 5 is about to start.  In Week 1, we saw a massive number of users. Week 2 dropped a bit, and week 3 saw a lot fewer testers again. So, it seems to be a good moment to join and get at least some points:

  • Week 1 – Bridge Week: 1115775 participants
  • 2 – Social Campaign Week: 749537
  • 3 – NFT Week: 222494

However, be aware, some tasks can be challenging, and features can be buggy. But that’s all part of testing a testnet, right? Linea only announces new tasks shortly before the start of a new week. Follow their Twitter feed for updates on week 5, or check their docs.

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