As you may already know, some altcoins tend to pump hard around a mainnet launch, and in most cases, they do very well after the main-net release too. This article will focus on 3 altcoin main-net launches that are about to come in Q3. Fantom, Insolar, and VITE all have upcoming mainnet launches in Q3 2019.


VITE is a next-generation blockchain that uses message-driven asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based (Directed Acyclic Graph) ledger. VITE aims to bring industrial scale dApps via high-throughput.

VITE’s virtual machine is also focused on being compatible with Ethereum’s virtual machine, making it easy to migrate dApps.

The token supply is 1b with around 400k in circulation.

It’s also important to note that VITE and Loopring have a tight connection between their teams.

Vite had its pre-mainnet release in Q1 2019, and the mainnet release is scheduled for Q3 2019; no date mentioned by the team. The mainnet release includes dApps supported by the mobile client and stablecoin issuance on DEX payment fulfillment.


Insolar is a next-generation blockchain, or as the team calls it, blockchain 4.0; aimed for enterprise use.

Insolar claims to offer unlimited scalability, security, simplified development, regulatory compliance, user protection, and interoperability.

The team of Insolar claims that their blockchain is the best of its niche at this time. Let us know in the comments section if you agree with this statement.

The total token supply of Insolar is 50M with only 32.5M in circulation.

The mainnet release is set in stone for September 30. The release will also include a wallet and Enterprise Platform 1.0


Fantom is a blockchain that makes use of a BFT consensus mechanism that works with a distributed cluster. These two features set Fantom apart from its competitors, but it’s important to note that fantom is also using multiple voting mechanisms. More about fantom here.

Fantoms total supply is made of around 1.98b of which 1.81b are in circulation. The rest of the tokens are reserved for the project.

We don’t have many details regarding Fantom’s mainnet release, however, we know that is scheduled for Q3 2019.


Please NOTE: This is not financial advice, please do your own due diligence before investing in any project. We are not responsible for any losses, or bad decisions. This article is strictly for research purposes only.


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