3 massive potential crypto projects

Ethereum, Ethereum Merge. It’s been an insane week and might get even crazier because there are so many narratives floating around it. But what if I told you that while everyone has their eyes on Merge there is this 1 project that is BLOWING UP and is making “MILLIONAIRES” in the current bear market

And other 2 crypto projects are catching up quickly. What are these projects? How crazy can it get? Where and how can you invest in this? This article answers all your questions. Make sure you read until the end, so I will walk you through tips using which people are actually making millions.

1) Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

If you have not been living under the rock, you already know about the first project on our list. Ethereum Name Service, the.ETH provider that is killing the dot com reign.  But that’s not it. ENS domain name sales are currently going off the charts. How about almost 18,000 domains with a total value of $7.33 million? That was over the last 7 days. 

So, if you want to know more in detail about ENS, and how to get ENS I suggest you check out our ENS dedicated video. Because this article is more about money-making opportunities.ETH-like domain names. So, guess how crazy can it get? 

Last week ENS sales topped the BAYC sales on OpenSea.  Have a look at the prices for the most expensive ENS names on OpenSea. It just got crazier and super competitive. That is why we will also talk about two other projects in the space where you can get the best domain names at comparatively lesser prices. So, take a look at ENS stats for August:

Currently, the average ENS domain name on OpenSea is 0.3207 ETH, or $533.71. The ETH price also keeps rising right now. The Merge is on the horizon, remember? It’s a good idea to look at some other services also that could blow up anytime soon. But that’s not it. I will also explain how you can own fractionalized ENS names and how you can make Millions by flipping yours.ETH domain names.

2) BNB Domain Name Service 

Another domain name that is gaining popularity is dot BNB. The BNB domain name service ends in.BNB is like ENS which you are surely familiar with. 

Just like.ETH,BNB makes a crypto wallet address readable and easy to remember. So, instead of asking for my normal bnb address, I can give you my .bnb domain name. This is what makes these domain names so powerful. Now, you can buy domain names for different blockchains. And, unless you have some special names or very short names, it’s cheap to do on the BNB chain. For less than $10 per year, you have yours.BNB name. Now let me walk you through how you can get your .bnb domain name.

How to Get a . BNB Domain Name Service 

Getting your .bnb domain name is a straightforward procedure. You can start with a search of who provides .bnb domain names. A few options will pop up. We settled on BNS.ID. However, there are also Trust Domains. But we found them to be more expensive. In this option, you don’t have to renew your domain name. It’s a bit like the next one on our list which is very popular at the moment.

We went for BNS.ID. So, here are the steps. Before you start, make sure that you have some BNB in your wallet. You need to pay for gas fees and the domain name. The gas fees are small, less than a fraction of a cent. Make sure to connect your wallet to the BNB chain:

  • Look if your domain name is available in the search box.
  • If your name is available, hit the ‘register’ button. This will incur a small gas fee.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds. This is to make sure that nobody else registered the same name. 
  • Now you can confirm your domain and pay for it. You can pay several years in advance.
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet. There’s also another small transaction fee.

That’s how easy it is to register your .bnb domain name. As you saw in the video, on the BNB chain, gas fees are less than a cent. So, if you want to know how you can make money out of flipping domain names, keep watching until the end.

3) Unstoppable Domains

That recently announced a major win with your favorite private browser Brave. Brave now supports more than 2 million unstoppable domains. The list includes .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .blockchain, and .dao. But the question is which decentralized domain name should you buy? 

This is a matter of looking at which chain you use a lot and how much are you ready to invest. So, ask yourself which chain you use most. Is it the BNB chain or the Ethereum chain? Even if you use both chains a lot, it’s possible to have both domain names.

As long as you choose a domain name with at least 7 digits, you should be fine. Domain names with less than 7 digits or letters are expensive. So, your .bnb or .eth domain names come with different pricing options.BNS.ID and ENS offer renewable domain names. Hereby is BNS.ID is cheaper than ENS. For example, I paid $16 for a . BNB domain name on BNS.ID for two years. For an ENS domain, I paid around $24 for the same name and time.

On the other hand, Unstoppable Domain for.ETH and Trust Domains for.BNBs are more expensive to mint. However, you don’t need to renew them. Trusted Domains was $30 for my domain name, and UD was similar. So, our advice is to get both. I have an ENS.ETH name and a UD ‘NFT’ domain name. Now I also have a . BNB domain name. 

Do you already have a domain name? And which service did you use? Let us know in the comments.

The Domain Name Sector is a Money Making Machine?

Here are some examples:

  1. ENS domain flipping is in the spotlight. The most expensive ENS name to date was Paradigm.ETH and sold for 420 ETH.
  2. Or how about the $1 million offer on Amazon?ETH domain name? Which the owner didn’t react to. He bought this domain name for 33 ETH.
  3. The current best offer is $771. And this also shows some reality of domain name flipping.

Now, this is some top-notch domain name flipping. In real life, it’s not easy, though. ENS was already launched in May 2017. Most of the worthwhile names are already gone. Some people sit on their domain names for a couple of years before they can sell them. But it is worth it if you can sell a domain name for over 100 ETH.

That’s where Unstoppable Domains come in. In contrast to ENS, you pay a slightly higher price when you buy your domain. However, thereafter, you don’t have any renewal fees. UD is also on Ethereum and you can buy a variety of domain names:

  • .crypto
  • .nft
  • .x
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .dao
  • .888
  • .zil
  • .blockchain

DAO is a good one since they are also popular. 888 is interesting because it is a sign of good luck in Asia. It means triple fortune in China. A single digit 8 is good luck, now you have 888. So, with 9 domain name endings at the tip of your fingers, there are plenty of options available. Most UD prices range between $5 and $20. And remember, without renewal fees. Don’t go crazy over domain names, but have a good think about what can sell. Maybe you can flip a domain name as well.

Is a Fractionalized ENS a Money-Making Machine?

We already mentioned ENS a few times. About a month ago, we also had a video about ENS. However, blue chip.ETH domain names can be expensive. So, the KuCoin exchange cooked up something new. They have a project called ‘Fractional NFTs’. Their 5th and the latest addition is a fractionalized ENS NFT.

So, what is a fractionalized NFT? That’s one NFT, fractionalized in 1000, 10,000, or 1 million smaller parts. In other words, you hold a fraction of an NFT. This is great news because you may not be able to afford a complete blue chip NFT.

Therefore, KuCoin uses the hiENS3 token for this. This is an ERC-20 token. There will be 6 million tokens available. You can only get these fractionalized NFTs if you’re whitelisted. This is to avoid bots scooping up all tokens. Also, KuCoin listed the HIENS3/USDT pair. 3 1 hiENS3 token was $0.05 during the WL. Today it goes for $0.05675. That’s a 12% increase.

The whitelisting happened between August 29 and 31. To get on the whitelist, you needed to complete some tasks:

  • Complete tasks on Gleam.
  • You need a KuCoin account. But registered before 16:00 on August 28, 2022 (UTC).
  • Between August 29 and 31 you needed an average daily FT token holding amount of 50 FT. That’s the Fracton token. It’s also the platform where fractionalizing happens. On the Fracton Protocol. Today, the FT token price is $1.7881. So, why would you want to invest in a Fractionalized NFT?
  • It’s a low Investment barrier — You don’t have to buy a complete blue chip NFT. However, you can still own a part of it.
  • Easy to buy — You can buy and trade the fractionalized KuCoin ENS NFT on the KuCoin Spot trading market.

With the current crazy prices and popularity of ENS domain names, it’s good to have an alternative. The Unstoppable Domains and . BNB domain names are these alternatives. Both are cheaper options compared to ENS.

So, fractionalizing NFTs is also on the rise. We showed what KuCoin offers with ENS. They will continue this with different blue chip NFTs. Also, we compared ENS with the US and.BNB. It may be a good idea to have all 3 of them. However, each option has different benefits. 

And at last, we talked about domain name flipping. Do you have it in you to flip a UD or a . BNB name?


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