the best crypto airdrops

Listen up. I love free money. That is why I am always looking out for crypto airdrops. This month’s airdrops are knocking on your door. We have done all the field and footwork for you. Now, you only need to complete the required tasks.

Just remember, It’s best to use a burner wallet when connecting to these platforms. So, are you ready? Let’s discover those airdrops!

1) GammaX

GammaX is a decentralized exchange for derivatives. But they use an orderbook. So, this gives it an advantage. It gives you, for example:

  • The speed.
  • Performance. 
  • Liquidity advantages. 

That you typically find in a centralized exchange. Since it’s a DEX, there’s also no need to complete a KYC procedure. To clarify, this is the ‘know your customer’ (KYC) procedure that CEXes needs to follow. In the meantime, you remain in control with:

  • Governance. 
  • Self-custody.
  • Security of the blockchain. 

However, GammaX is still in Beta testing. They won’t release their mainnet until this summer. So, you know what this means, right? Indeed, testing the beta platform, and that’s where you can earn your airdrop. This exchange has a pre-token rewards program. Filling out the form to take part in the beta test, earns you 100 points. You only need to create an account and add your MetaMask wallet address. Remember, use your burner wallet.

Now you’re at the newly launched a reward dashboard. Here are various easy tasks waiting for you that earn you points. For example:

  • Join the learn and earn program. This has plenty of learning programs waiting for you. For each program you complete, you earn more points.
  • Use a referral code, you can refer 2 persons per day. They only need to sign up and provide a MetaMask address. This earns you more points.

A great way to explore and learn about DeFi. And this brings us to my second pick for the day, SupraOracles.

2) SupraOracles

SupraOracles, is well, an oracle. However, they supercharge oracles. This gives blockchains, for instance:

  • Better. 
  • Faster. 
  • More accurate. 
  • More secure off-chain data. 

They have been building and are now ready to take off. Currently, their testnet is already live on 34 chains. For example: Aptos, Arbitrum, Sui, Polygon, among many others. But let’s concentrate on their airdrop. They call it and are ready for; blast off. Their public beta has just ended. Now they’re ready to kick off the official launch

As a result, SupraOracles has paused some features, to improve them. This includes an even bigger rewards program. Hear, hear! So, in the meantime, they keep the sign-up and referral program active. So, here we go, it’s sign-up time. By doing so, you start to earn Stars and Supra tokens.

First things first, though, click the red ‘Get Started’ button and sign up. Once done, you need to complete the KYC procedure. This qualifies you for many $SUPRA airdrops and token rewards. You already earned 6 stars for signing up. There’s more to come once SupraOracles approves your KYC. In the meantime, you can start earning points and rewards by completing tasks. For instance, a referral program or joining missions.

Each completed mission earns you more rewards. My initial KYC failed. So, I need to do complete it again. I passed this one and got 30 Stars and earned 200 SUPRA tokens. How do you like KYCs? And this brings us to our last airdrop today, Scroll.

3) Scroll

Scroll is a native zkEVM Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum. Remember what zk stands for? Zero Knowledge. This is how you can prove something, without sharing crucial or important information. Many, including myself, consider this technology groundbreaking. It will play a crucial role in crypto.

So, to get in the mood, they have a testnet. You get to guess once what we’re about to do. That’s right, join the testnet. The previous two airdrops, from GammaX and SupraOracles, were easy. Perform some tasks, join some missions. Easy peasy. Here it is a bit more technical. We need to join a real testnet and use bridges and such.

There’s a great user guide that takes you through all the steps. You get there by clicking on the orange ‘Join Alpha Testnet’ button. Then, you need to connect an EVM wallet, like Rabby or MetaMask. However, make sure to remove any previous versions of the Scroll network. Then, reset the network and continue. Now you need to connect your wallet first to layer 1 (Goerli testnet) and to layer 2 (the Scroll Alpha testnet).

So, once you are all set up, you can start testing. For example:

Don’t forget to send feedback! Enjoy!

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