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In the last 12 months, the value of MATIC has grown more than 3,700%. This is the result of the dramatic improvements in Polygon’s ecosystem where metaverse, NFT and DeFi protocols have been launched in the last months.

So, why is Polygon Ecosystem growing so much compared to other blockchains? In this article, you will discover why this network is having this development.

Sign 1: Polygon’s Exploding Jobs

The polygon network has published a long list of jobs on its platform like never before, where there are:

  • 10 job positions in its business section.
  • 2 job positions in its finance, tech, analytics, communication, and marketing section.
  • 3 job positions in its VC and ecosystem section.
  • 4 job positions in its human resources section.
  • 7 job positions in its polygon studio section, among others.

There are 73 job offers opened and almost all of them are remote.

Sign 2: A New Record of dApps

According to Alchemy, the world’s leading Web3 developer platform has shown that since its debut, the Polygon network has hosted over 7,000 dapps. This is a very important milestone that the network surpassed in December 2021.

Last year, the exponential growth of new applications in DeFi and NFTs caused spiking fees on Ethereum. To take advantage of low costs and fast transactions, much of the activity went to Polygon. By October 2021, the network had grown to nearly 3,000 dApps, up from only 30 a year ago.

Moreover, many teams are also opting to use Polygon exclusively. According to Alchemy statistics, 55% of projects have integrated solely on Polygon Ecosystem, while 45% have deployed on Ethereum.

Sign 3: NFT Activity on Opensea Reached $78 million on Polygon

Polygon and Ethereum are the only blockchains where OpenSea is supported nowadays. Now we know why. According to one of Polygon’s analysts, the transactions volume reached $78 million and 102k transactions daily on average on January 2022.

Compared with December 2021, the transactions volume increased by 3.6% and the volume of sold NFTs also improved by 34.6%. This occurred because the number of active users increased by 23.8%.

MATIC Price Outlook

According to CoinGecko at the time of writing this article, MATIC is trading at $1.55 with a marketcap of $10.5 billion and a 24-hour trading value of $739 million. Also, the circulating supply is 6.8 billion tokens which represent 60% of the total token supply.

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