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THORWallet keeps building to give more value to their TGT token. This noncustodial DEX doesn’t get tired at all but keeps moving forward. And being part of the THORChain ecosystem benefits them in many ways. It has the full support of all other dApps on THORChain.

This sets it apart as a mobile wallet and DEX. So, let’s look into 3 new events that THORWallet DEX added to their functionality.

1. Integration With Moonriver and Moonbeam

This is an exciting move and a reason for the team to be proud. It allows the secure holding of the MOVR and GLMR tokens in the noncustodial THORWallet DEX.

To clarify, a noncustodial wallet means that you remain in full control of your private keys. Furthermore, THORWallet is a cross-chain DEX. You can download the THORWallet app here. Because it lives on the THORChain, it is the only DEX that can handle unwrapped tokens. To top this off, you can also earn a passive income on THORWallet DEX.

This integration opens up many opportunities that work both ways. 

For the Moonriver and Moonbeam community, they;

  • Get access to a noncustodial wallet.
  • Can explore the THORChain ecosystem.

For the THORWallet DEX users, they;

  • Can deposit MOVR and GLMR tokens.
  • Get access to the Polkadot ecosystem, with many more opportunities to come.
2. THORWallet Updated Their App

This is the THORWallet App Update v1.2.3. It allows for the following four add-ons.

  1. A referral program in which you can earn the native TGT token.
  2. Adding more EVM chains, like Moonriver and Moonbeam. However, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum are also knocking on the door and coming soon.
  3. You can also add your custom tokens now.
  4. Pool APR displays are now working correctly.


Source: THORWallet DEX app

3. TGT Gets Listed at MEXC Exchange

The best way to build value for your token is to get listed on reputable exchanges. That’s precisely what is happening now with the MEXC exchange. Come May 20th, MEXC will list TGT/USDT as a trading pair.

As an added bonus, you can stake MX and TGT in the brand-new MX DeFi and earn liquidity yield on TGT. You can find details on the MEXC webpage about new listings, as of May 20th.

The staking period for the MX DeFi is from May 20th to May 23rd. This page lists all details and allows you to sign up for the staking on MX DeFi. You can earn part of a grand total of 1,425,000 TGT.


THORWallet keeps working hard to bring more value to its TGT token. As a result, they implemented three new ways to do just that. We discussed all three new updates to THORWallet in this article. They added Moonriver and Moonbeam to their wallet. Four updates to their app are live. Last but not least, MEXC added the TGT token as a TGT-USDT pair. They also offer a 4-day staking option on their new MX DeFi suite.

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