4 coins to make millionaires

This is the second part of this article. Here is the first part.

Let’s have a look at altcoins that have great potential for the next coming weeks.

Coin #3: Injective (INJ)

Injective is one of the fastest layer 1 blockchain around. Did we just mention Cosmos, in the first part? Well, you can find Injective’s altcoin in the Cosmos ecosystem and its IBC. It’s also one of the current 56 zones.

So, Injective supports interoperable DeFi apps. The platform offers a variety of pay-and-play blocks. These include:

  • High-performance DEX infrastructure.
  • Decentralized bridges.
  • Oracles.
  • CosmWasm composable smart contract layers.

Being built on Cosmos, you can expect fast speed transactions with low costs. Transactions are below $0.01. Also, the platforms’ block times are 1.1 seconds and can handle 10,000 TPS. That is transactions per second. So, besides interoperability within the IBC ecosystem, there’s more. 

It’s also interoperable with other layer 1 chains, like Ethereum, Aptos, Solana, Polygon and more. It also has an extensive ecosystem like institutions, blockchains, exchanges, validators, and wallets. 

The current INJ price is $5.50. It has a market cap of $439 million. The max and total supply is 100 million tokens. So, the good news is that 80 million already circulate. During the last 30 days INJ is up 30%. Staking INJ rewards you with 17%.

Are you a Cosmos or IBC fan? Do you stake any IBC projects. And this brings me to the surprise pick for April. A real degen pick, Flashstake.

Coin#4: Flashstake (FLASH)

Flashstake is a novel financial infrastructure. How about money that time travels? Right, well, I haven’t lost my mind yet! But this may be the best way to describe Flashstake. On this platform, you can stake your crypto assets. Well, nothing new under the sun, right? Correct. But what is new, is that you can get all the yield immediately.

You don’t have to wait. You can receive your yield 100% upfront. Up to two years. So, there you go, money from the future. It works simply and easy:

  • Choose the number of tokens or altcoins to stake.
  • Determine how long do you want to stake.
  • Receive the yield upfront.

The beauty is that you can’t get liquidated. 

  • Your funds are always 100% collateralized.
  • You can lock your funds down to the minute. In other words, you know exactly when your principle is available again.
  • You can also unlock the principle early. Repay a part of the up fronted yield.

More on their strategies is available in their docs. The current FLASH price is $0.241295. Listen up, the market cap is $7.9 million. The max and total supply of Flash tokens is 150 million. Only 33 million of them circulate currently. Over the last 30 days, the token is up by 204.8%. From the four altcoins mentioned, this is the smallest market cap.

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