4 PROVEN Ways to Make Crypto Passive Income | $259 per WEEK!!

So look I am going to say something that might sound a little harsh. Last weekend your favorite coin might have gone down 30% and then went up 20-25% again. But did you make any money? Ask yourself “Why am I not able to make money in bear market?” 

I realized it in the last bear market that I was not making money because I was ignoring
all the great passive income opportunities that were out there. Because I was not aware of easy and simple passive income ways that would work for me. But now I know. In this video, I will introduce you to 3 passive income ways where you can earn up to $185 per week even in this market. Let’s see where we can make some money passively.

Cosmos Ecosystem Pays $185 Per Week

We start with one of our favorites, the Cosmos Ecosystem. The returns here in this plan are amazing. Especially if you use our recommended Keplr wallet or Cosmostation where you can stake directly from your wallet, then this is so easy and convenient. We are taking 2 big players in Cosmos and splitting our money between them.

We are putting $8k of our $10k into EVMOS. EVMOS was the first platform on Cosmos to also build out an EVM. So that means the 2 most popular virtual machines with the most apps and protocols can both use EVMOS. It’s great for interoperability and long-term adoption.

Current staking rates there are 115% per year. Yes, that’s not a misprint. EVMOS generates lots of network fees for working across Cosmos and Ethereum apps. And you get a share of that. So that means our $8,000 becomes in $9,200 in a year. The other $2,000 we are putting into staking ATOM itself. It pays a healthy 22%. So $2,000 earns $440 in a year.

Our combined $9640 (9200+440) means we are earning $185 per week over the 52 week yr. Great returns in a quality, growing ecosystem. So, are you a Cosmos fan? What projects do you use most? Let us know in the comments below.

Blue Chips Earn $259 per Week or $37 per Day

Curve is most famous for its stablecoin 3pools which provide a lot of liquidity to the market. But this one is what’s known as a Tricrypto Pool. In this case, you can add:

  • Curve’s native coin.
  • Stablecoins DAI, USDC, or USDT.
  • wETH and wBTC.

So the tri cryptos in this pool are Curve and the 2 wrapped coins. Other than native Bitcoin and Ether, these are the most popular coins in the market today. You can deposit any of these coins into the pool. But if you deposit a stablecoin like USDT, you are subject to price fluctuations in the wrapped coins. So be aware of this.

Almost everyone is bound to have some of these coins. And check out the yields. The base yield is 2.59% weekly on average. Last week it was higher as more people were trading and holders in this pool earned 4.47% in a week. That’s a great return on these coins. It’s 134% APR. But using the average 2.59%, with $10,000 we are earning $259 per week or $37 per day. On stablecoins and blue chips. This is a great deal on some of the highest quality coins in the market. Plus, a nice bonus, if you already use and stake Curve, then you get a boosted return.

Stablecoin Returns $26 per Week

Because many of you hold stablecoins, I felt it was important to show you a stablecoin-only option. And this one’s really good:

  • No risk of impermanent loss.
  • Most decentralized of the top stablecoins.
  • Both crypto and USDC-backed.
  • Earns a nice return too.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about DAI. DAI is available in many places and is the #4 stablecoin by market cap at more than $5 billion out there in the market. You probably have some in your portfolio already. But here’s what isn’t typical. 13.8% on DAI with no farming or liquidity pool pairing where you can suffer impermanent loss.

And where did I find this great deal? The Gains Exchange is the 2nd biggest derivatives chain (that’s futures or options) on Arbitrum after GMX. Gains is on Polygon too. So, Gains offers 2 big advantages that help you to earn 13.8% on your DAI.

First, Gains is one of the few places in crypto where you can trade synthetic stocks. This means digitized versions of Google or Amazon are available in a trading pair with USD. You can also trade with leverage. But most leverage traders lose money. And guess what traders use for collateral to open a leveraged position? It’s DAI.

And when they get liquidated or lose money or generate trading fees (also in DAI), you earn a piece of that. This is like being part of the house in a casino. And you know, the house always wins. All you do is deposit your DAI to offer it for liquidity on Gains, and you get 13.8%. It does not get simpler than this.

Popular BSC Pair Pays $59 per Week

DeFi on BNB Chain is really easy, fast and cheap. And for some reason, people claim to not like it or prefer Ethereum’s higher fees. But we don’t listen to those people. We look at what works.

PancakeSwap is the #1 AMM (automated market maker) on BSC. And it’s great. There are great offers all the way from stablecoin pairs up to as much risk as you want to take. One of their medium to lower-risk options is paying a boosted return of 31.12% right now. That means $10,000 would pay out $59 per week for 2 of the biggest coins in the BSC Network. 

The coins we are talking about are PancakeSwap’s native token, CAKE, and BNB. BNB, despite its centralized influence from Binance, is one of crypto’s strongest coins. In fact, the only major risk in this one is Impermanent Loss. And that could happen if BNB rips when the bull returns but CAKE does not. Here is another example:

But I think the risk of this is low. It can happen or BNB can grow faster than CAKE does. That’s when Impermanent Loss happens. What’s in our favor here is that CAKE has been beaten down pretty hard in this bear market. It’s been in the teens and now is down to $3.79. There’s lots of room for upside growth and the platform earns so much that it’s not likely to go much lower. In the last year, PancakeSwap earned $235 million in platform fees. That makes it the 8th highest earning platform.

That’s more platform fees than AAVE or even Bitcoin. And that’s in a bear market too. Fees will grow as the market recovers. And I just see the risks as much lower on the downside than this nice return we can earn on this deal.

2 leading coins, 31%, $59 per week. Nice deal.

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