5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Free money is always welcome, right? So, how about some Bitcoin? You’re more than happy to put your hands on that. Sats (Satoshis) are smaller parts of a Bitcoin and there are 100 million Sats in one bitcoin.

What if I tell you there are ways to get free Sats? So, let’s have a closer look at how you can get free Sats or Bitcoin.

1) Fountain

Fountain is a podcast app that let listeners and podcasters get rewarded with free sats. As a listener, you can earn in four different ways:

  1. Listen to podcasts – Listen daily to podcasts. The first hour is randomly paid with a different daily rate.
  2. Listen to promotions – Listen to promoted content.
  3. Clips and comments – Other listeners pay you by liking your clips or comments.
  4. Referrals – Refer friends and earn.

As a podcast host, you have two ways of earning Sats. 

  1. Streaming – Listeners can send you money.
  2. Boosts – Now listeners can send money with a message.

So, if this intrigues you, have a look at the Fountain FAQs. They give a detailed explanation of how their platform works. Below is a short video that explains how to claim your show on Fountain.

2) Stacker News

Stacker News pays you with Bitcoin. You can compare it with Hacker News or Reddit. Except, well, you get paid. It’s an all-Bitcoin related news service. The set-up is like a news forum. That’s where Reddit and Hacker News come in.

You can start with two free posts and five free comments. For this, you already get paid. This may last you long enough, to never have to put in your own money.

You need to create an account with a Lightning Network compatible wallet. Log in to Stacker News and you’re ready to rumble. You can start posting and commenting. If you contribute quality posts and comments, you earn more than what it costs to post. You can also give or receive tips. Here’s an extensive FAQ with all the ins and outs of Stacker News.

3) Fold

Fold is an app that gives you cashback rewards on your debit card. However, the twist is that your cashback is in Sats. It works on mobile phones only, though. And, only with Visa. In other words, it is a Visa bitcoin rewards debit card.

Yes, indeed, Fold also has its own Visa card. You can use the app or the Fold Visa card. Both give cash backs. With the app, you can buy gift cards. For example, from Adidas, AMC, Amazon, or Chipotle. Now, link your own credit or debit card to the app. You also get to spin a wheel, for rewards.

With the card, you can get a flat 1% reward. The other option is to spin the wheel and get a higher reward.

4) Oshi

Oshi lets you earn Bitcoin when you shop locally. You can get up to 20% Bitcoin back. That’s by supporting local stores. You name it, for example:

  • Restaurants.
  • Food trucks. 
  • Technology. 
  • Music Art.
  • Healthcare.

Any real-life or online business can join. Furthermore, Oshi has a referral option that earns you 1% spent in or earned by a shop. You need a Lightning Network compatible wallet. This also allows you to earn more bonus rewards.

It’s a small project that started in 2019 and keeps growing. Currently, it has onboarded hundreds of projects and businesses.

5) Zion

Zion is a message and content platform. You can view it as an alternative to Twitter. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, many people left Twitter. Zion is one of the available options. It also supports a privacy feature. In other words, only selected people can see your content.

With both communication and payment options, it’s an attractive option. These are the ingredients that can make it successful. When you sign up, you get a DID (decentralized identifier), secured by a 12-word seed phrase. Like a crypto wallet. This puts you in control of your content. You get paid for your content in Sats. Zion’s docs explain this in-depth.


We looked at various ways how you can earn free Satoshi or Sats rewards. There are some interesting projects available that offer this. From Bitcoin back to local shopping to podcasts, BTC news or chat platforms. A great way to earn passive income and stack your Sats.

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