50X Crypto Strategy - 3 Altcoins for Coming Bull Run

The worst of the bear market is over but has the bull returned? I don’t know but right now I am positioning myself to make the most out of the coming bull market. How? I am adding altcoins to my bag that will explode in the coming bullrun.

In today’s article, I’ll share 3 of my top altcoins.

Coin 1: AZERO

Aleph Zero is at the intersection of 2 of my favorite narratives in crypto. Enterprises and Privacy.

Their chain is enterprise-grade. This means it operates at a speed and level of security that Web 2.0 and legacy tech and finance firms need. These firms can process transactions on Aleph without losing anything to more centralized systems. Then there is the privacy.

Privacy is a big, big story right now. And it’s only getting more popular. Their 2023 updates will include 2 of the most common privacy tech in crypto. They are:

  • MPC.

WIthout getting too technical, ZK SNARKS are the most popular form of zero knowledge proofs. We’ve discussed them here many times. Most of the best Layer 2 protocols use it including Polygon, zkSync, Optimism, and others. 

More About Aleph Zero

MPC stands for multi-party computation. This means 2 different parties can work together like on a smart contract transaction. They can make all the computations they need while ALSO keeping their part of the computation private. This is amazing for personal privacy. The last thing in the privacy story we love about AZERO is tokenomics. It has the best tokenomics of the major privacy projects.

A little more than 70% or 221 million out of 327 million total supply of AZERO are circulating now. We like that. Two excellent competitors on privacy, MINA and Secret, have an unlimited supply. Oasis has only half of its tokens out in the market. Here are a couple other features we like:

  • 71% of circulating supply is staked. That’s a sign of high belief in the ecosystem.
  • The Team only holds 10%. That’s lower than many projects.
  • Most tokens are unlocked already and the ones that are not don’t vest for 3 or 4 more years.
  • Staking offers a nice 12% return.

Nowadays, AZERO trades at $1.35 giving it a market cap of $299 million or rank #140. Do you have a favorite privacy platform? Which ones do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 2: Lukso

Our 2nd coin today is Lukso. You know we already believe in this one as it’s in our Master Portfolio. Lukso is a blockchain and metaverse for creators. So NFTs, phygital projects, and other creative pursuits are the focus here. But their goals extend way beyond animal pictures. They are working on universal profiles and digital identity too.


If you are already a fan, or think you might become one, then you want to check out Universal Page. It’s an NFT marketplace on Lukso and they are going to have a HUGE airdrop that you can qualify for right now. Lukso’s $LYXE token trades at $9.66 with a current market cap of $149.2 million.

Coin 3: Kadena

Our last coin today is Kadena. It’s a PoW project trying to become a better version of Bitcoin.

One of the ways it does this is with 2 chain architecture. We’ve seen this more than you might realize. Avalanche does this with it’s C-Chain for its EVM and also has the P and X Chains. Cosmos and Polkadot both do this with the Cosmos Hub and Polkadot Main Chains while the chains or parachains that run on them like Osmosis and Astar operate their own separate chains.

It helps separate functions like security from transaction settlement. This can make both work faster and better.

Chainweb is the public PoW chain and handles security. The app building happens on the Layer 2 named Kuro. This frees up both chains to do what they do best. And faster. Another great feature for speed and decentralization is sharding. Sharding is the end goal of Ethereum for scaling. It’s the reason they moved to PoS. Kadena has sharding now. They are using it today. And it makes the network fast.

These are just some of the things we like along with the security of a Proof of Work chain. Nowadays, Kadena is the #179 project by market cap. It currently trades at 96c giving it a market cap of $219 million.

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