50X Portfolio Update - Ultimate Strategy Post-FTX Crash

That’s our highlight today. Losing but losing less. Total Return: -11.10%. Bitcoin Return: -17.22% andETH Return: -12.45%. In fact, that means we are beating the market.

Want to see how we are doing it? How did we put this strong portfolio together?Then let’s take a look.

50X Portfolio Highlights 

So how are we doing? BAD, and how’s the market doing? WORSE. This is good news. We don’t operate in a vacuum and neither do you. We all have to work within the market conditions we have. We can’t expect to 3x our portfolio when the entire market is down 25%. Investing just doesn’t work that way.

And the market is sucking. Plain and simple. But our portfolio is doing the job as we are down less than the market. Even with a sizable Bitcoin position. This is why we use benchmarks and compare our returns to Bitcoin and Ethereum over the same period. To start let’s review what we have:

We have 10 positions with one being stablecoins. So we have 9 positions we expect to fluctuate month to month. Despite 35% of our allocation in Bitcoin, we are still 6% better than Bitcoin’s return since we started this portfolio in September.

Also, we had 3 profitable positions last month and 3 this month. And thanks to market fluctuations they aren’t the same positions. Polygon and Lukso were profitable last month and still profitable this month. Last month, Fuse held a 5% profit for us and now it’s in a loss.

By contrast, BNB, our 2nd biggest position went from a small loss to a 7.75% gain and the biggest gain in dollars, $116.46. What would your ideal portfolio look like? Let us know in the comments below.

Review of Rules and Evaluation

In our rules, which we outlined last month, we said we would:

  • Do some profit taking at 50% gains
  • Re-evaluate after a 20% to buy, hold, or sell
  • And use our stablecoins or rebalance only when we see a change in project outlook

So we have no 50% gains to worry about just yet but Lukso is in the lead at 17%. Now it’s evaluation time. Four of our investments that total 22% of our portfolio are down 20% or more. They are (in order of investment dollars):

  1. The Graph
  2. Polkadot
  3. Avalanche
  4. And Kujira
1) The Graph

The big emerging competitor for The Graph in querying blockchain data is SubQuery. And SubQuery works with 2 of the fastest growing ecosystems: Polkadot and Cosmos. That would concern me. Except The Graph works with existing DOT projects Moonriver and Moonbeam AND also with Cosmos.

So is The Graph losing ground to SubQuery? It doesn’t look like it. So we are holding.

2) Polkadot

Other than Cosmos, DOT is the fastest growing ecosystem out there. Parachain projects are making big moves like Equilibrium who we highlighted a couple of weeks ago. Not only are we holding, we are thinking about buying more at these levels.

3) Avalanche

Avalanche is down 28% in just 2 months. WOW. But transactions increased over 1500% from November 2021 to November 2022. And their subnet strategy looks like it’s working effectively especially to attract games to its network. We are holding here.

4) Kujira

Finally, Kujira. While not one of AB’s small cap gems, it has a couple of huge fans from within AB. Its DeFi tools like letting you bid on loan liquidations with only a small amount of money made it one of the stars of the Terra ecosystem BEFORE LUNA imploded.

They made a strategic shift away from LUNA, which uses Cosmos to develop its chain, to develop their own Layer 1 chain also on Cosmos. It was a fast, important, and smart pivot for their continued growth. There’s nothing negative going on with Kujira either. But DeFi as a whole is down.

 Also, Kujira has some cool things in the works including the new MakerDAO style over-collateralized stablecoin USK. USK could become a top stablecoin in Cosmos as there are so few there. We are holding from here.

5) Stablecoins

At this stage, We are holding onto our 10% in stablecoins. Although we don’t think a new bull market is coming right away, we DO think the bottom could be in or very close. And that would mean a good time to do some discount shopping.

And a couple of our lagging performers are on our list for some potential buys. What would you be buying in this market if you had some dry powder? Let us know in the comments.


To sum it up, this month sucked all around. For us and for the market too. But again, just like last month, our portfolio selection and allocations helped us beat the market again.

And that’s our ultimate goal. Bring risk down and beat the market while doing so. I hope this is helping to give you some ideas about how you should build your long term portfolio right now too.

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