6 coins for december

What if I told you the key to create generational wealth could come down to just identifying and picking a couple of massive potential crypto coins. See half of the job is already done here!

Because in this article, I will be sharing with you 6 altcoins that are set to outperform every other coin in December 2022. But that’s not it. All these 6 coins are also a very good addition to your long-term crypto portfolio. Lets get right into the list!

Coin #1: ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is our first pick. A couple of interesting developments are coming up. This reflected positive on the price of ApeCoin. Over the last 14 days, APE has been up by 38.3%. This beats just about all other coins. It’s now at $4.20.

The floor price for the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Apes also went up by 43% and 43.8% since last week. But why? I’m going to tell you, first, staking is going live as of 5th December. 

This means that you can stake the ApeCoin, but also BAYC and MAYC NFTs. Horizen launches the staking interface. The first rewards will come in as of 12th December. However, staking is not available in all territories. For example, one of the exemptions is our US friends. As the Ape Foundation pointed out, there may be ways around this. It’s DeFi at the end of the day.

The other big news was the launch of their NFT marketplace on 23rd November. After a vote, the ApeCoin holders allowed Snag Solutions to build this. So, are you planning on staking ApeCoin, or if you’re lucky enough, your BAYC NFT? And here is coin # 2, GMX.

Coin #2: GMX

GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange built on Arbitrum and Avalanche. They offer up to 50x leverage. So, we’re back in the land of DEXs. According to CoinGecko, there are only 6 DEXs that are perpetual swap protocols. So, how about offering both spot swaps and perps? Right, there’s only one, and that’s GMX.

Since September 2021, when they launched, they have had some impressive stats.

  • Closing in on 157,000 users.
  • $70 billion in exchange volume.
  • Cumulative fees of $94.5 million.
  • $383 million in liquidity.

Furthermore, their PvP AMM will bring in synthetics trading (E.G. Forex, Stocks etc). All this and Arbitrum being in the spotlights will help GMX even further.  Arbitrum just had the Nitro upgrade, and their potential airdrop is imminent. Their Odyssey NFT campaign is also about to re-start. Check out one of our recent Arbitrum videos.

Let’s have a look at the GMX token. This has seen green figures throughout this year. How many coins or tokens can say that? Over the last 14 days it’s 34.4% up, and over 1 year 88.4%. With no signs of easing off. More than enough reasons to make it into our December list. So, let’s look at #3, Chainlink.

Coin #3: Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink also surged during the last 14 days. By no less than 30.1% and LINK sits currently at $7.52. Still, an absolute steal at this price if you ask me. Their surge is also partially due to the fact that they introduced staking

Staking will go live as of 6th December as v0.1. This is part of their ‘Chainlink Economics 2.0’. By staking your LINK, you achieve a few things.

  • You secure the network.
  • Receive staking rewards.
  • Become eligible for incentives from Chainlink BUILD projects.
  • Finally, you support the general Web3 ecosystem.

Before staking starts, the only way to get LINK rewards is by launching your own node. Staking makes earning LINK more accessible and the price may even go up more. This, in turn, might increase demand for the Chainlink oracle services.

Chainlink has a specific webpage where you can check if you can start staking.  Depending on your on-chain and off-chain activity, you may qualify. You can verify this via your Web3 wallet. 

Just connect your MetaMask or any other Web3 wallet. I didn’t qualify for early access, but am good to go for general access, later in December. I can stake up to 7,000 LINK. Keep in mind that the initial pool size is limited to 25,000,000 LINK. It’s FCFS or first come first serve. You can get all this information from the last link I showed you once you connect your wallet. Are you a Mariner? So, let’s have a look at coin #4, Mina

Coin #4: Mina

The Mina protocol and its MINA token are not as hot as the previous two coins. Nonetheless, they have some cool news coming up. Just a few months ago, we already highlighted the MINA token as one to keep an eye out for. See this video.

As you may remember, Mina is the lightest blockchain in the world. It’s literally pocket size at 22kb. Compare this to most other chains, like Ethereum, who comes in at 300 GB. But here is their big news. Mina Protocol and its devs are launching a zk bridge. It’s the zkIgnite Cohort 0. They are now looking for developers to start building zk apps.

They incentivize you with 50, 1,000, or even 5,000 MINA. Write a tutorial, build an oracle, or deploy a high quality zkApp. There you have it, a good reason to keep an eye on MINA during December. And that brings us already to coin # 5, KAVA.

Coin #5: Kava

Kava is part of the healthy and thriving Cosmos ecosystem. It’s a DeFi lending platform. It is also a blockchain with its own KAVA token. So, Kava connects to no less than 30 other blockchains, thanks to the Cosmos IBC protocol. This way, it has access to $60+ billion in the Cosmos ecosystem.

One thing to look forward to is the KAVA MINT token launch for governance. Currently, the KAVA token governs Kava Mint. This will separate the KAVA token from governing any Kava app protocol. Now KAVA will become the one and only token that will govern the Kava DAO. This is an important step towards the transition into the Kava Network.

This may reflect in positive price action for the KAVA token. So, tell me, how involved are you in the Cosmos ecosystem? Do you use any chains or apps there? And here we are, with our last pick for December, Litecoin.

Coin #6: Litecoin (LTC)

1 Here’s a surprise for you all. Litecoin doesn’t get a lot of coverage from the Altcoin Buzz family recently. Still, it is a crypto OG and a PoW coin. However, it has a different mining algorithm compared to Bitcoin. It dates all the way back to 2011. But why is Litecoin in our December list?

Well, over the last 14 days, the price of LTC went up by 34.3%. That’s not too shabby! For many of us, that may have gone rather unnoticed. We’re looking at the cool new L1 chains or L2 options. But in the meantime, here is Litecoin, climbing the charts. So, one of the reasons can be the upcoming halving in August 2023. However, if we look closer at home, we see a few developments. For example:

  • In early November, MoneyGram added Litecoin for trading and storing. The price immediately jumped by 8%.
  • We also see higher hash rates. This is good for the health of the network.
  • Currently, they are the leading PoW project since the Merge. It looks like many miners went to Litecoin after the Merge.

So, time to get Litecoin on your radar again? What do you think? 

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