Major Upgrades on Band Protocol CosmoScan

Cross-chain oracle platform Band Protocol has revamped its open-source block explorer, CosmoScan.

The new upgrades to CosmoScan, which launched about four months ago, include major improvements in its mobile UX, accessibility, visual clarity, and statistics on oracle requests.

CosmoScan is also an open-source block explorer that can run with the most recent version of the Cosmos-SDK. 

Key features of the revamp

Several major upgrades took place on CosmoScan for the following areas: landing page, proposal page, oracle script pages, validator page, and several other pages.

Landing Page

CosmoScan’s landing page was working efficiently to fulfil basic functions like staking, observing validator status, and wallet connecting. However, the page suffered from major clarity issues. It lacked oracle access, had poor design proportions, and had subpar overall on-chain activity. The revamped landing page solved all the above-listed issues. It also introduced a “Historical Total Requests chart” that shows the total accumulated requests since the genesis block. This chart was introduced based on users’ demand.

CosmoScan Revamped landing page

Source: Band Protocol Blog

Proposal/Voting Page

To facilitate an easy upgrade from Wenchang to GuanYu on the Band Protocol mainnet, the platform has created a voting/proposal page. BAND holders will be able to vote using CosmoScan. Following the revamp, the voting/proposal page was redesigned to be concise and easy to use. Important information about results and other voting statistics were also made easy to spot.

Revamped voting page

Source: Band Protocol blog

Validator Page

The previous validator page was spread across two pages. One page was a detailed page for a particular validator whilst the second page was an overview of the cohort. Before the upgrade, the search bar and toggle segments were not in proportion to the rest of the layout, and the general information display on the page was bland.

The new validator page has the “Historical Bonded Token” metric that shows a validator’s total delegated amount.

Revamped validator page

Source: Band Protocol blog

Request Page

CosmoScan’s request page was revamped based on the feedback given by community members and developers. The new page now displays important information and also has a validator report. The report is simply a summary of what validators might have requested or missed.

Revamped request page

Source: Band Protocol blog

Data Source Page

The new data source page now includes a search and sort functionality. Basically, making it easier for users to locate data sources. 

Oracle Script Page

CosmoScan’s oracle script page has a new search feature now, making locating scripts a more easy task. The page also has added request counts, response time information, and a most requested section.

In Conclusion

The announcement notes CosmoScan will serve as the official explorer for BandChain. More improvements should also be expected in the near future, depending on the feedback given by community members and developers.

Band Protocol has been in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. The cross-chain oracle platform has recently partnered with top industry players like MANTRA DAO, Velo Labs, Elrond, and Neutrino.

Tron also recently partnered with Band Protocol. Find out more about the partnership on the official Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


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