Elastos has come out with a beginner’s guide for its followers to explain the concepts involving its SmartWeb. It made the announcement in a tweet last week.

The guide gives an in-depth overview and definition of terms regarding the Elastos ecosystem.

Overview of Elastos

Elastos is similar in function to an internet operating system and is called the Elastos Smartweb.

To enable it to function distinctly from existing internet configuration, Elastos draws on:

(1) core technologies called platform components

(2) the use of blockchain technology

(3) a unique system architecture

To ensure data and user privacy, there is default protection of the data ownership rights in the Elastos Smartweb. This prohibits third party intrusion of data without the consent of the user. Besides, the Elastos platform components comprise of core technologies that also protect users via their individual and collective decentralized configurations.

These components include the Hive tool, Elastos carrier, decentralized identification (DID), Elastos blockchain among others.

More on the ecosystem

The Elastos ecosystem refers to the body of individuals, organizations, and community members who contribute towards developing the Elastos Smartweb to further its growth. As the Elastos ecosystem continuously evolves, several key organizations play essential roles in daily operations and development.

However, the pioneer group of individuals who established and are still developing the Elastos Smartweb is the Elastos Founding Team. This team currently comprises of the Elastos Foundation, besides a network of decentralized teams. These teams play the part of implementing the development of the Smartweb’s inner workings.

Furthermore, the duties of the Elastos Foundation include the coordination of resources, engagements, and goal sharing between the different teams. In cases of disputes, the foundation also plays the role of a mediator.

The three-person board of the foundation, along with its seven other key members, also functions to provide fund allocation to various teams and supervise budget management.

Communicating with the ecosystem

The main communication hub for the ecosystem is the elastos.org, featuring its key resources such as wallets, roadmap, whitepapers, and their official blog. Additionally, developer.elastos.org acts as the developer resource for potential technicians. Besides, the Elastos Academy is the foremost resource used for engaging and onboarding developers in the ecosystem.

The guide gives an in-depth breakdown of the Elastos ecosystem components and other methods of communication.

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