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Startups and upcoming projects need a reliable support system to facilitate smooth entry into the blockchain space and investors need to be able to locate viable projects to invest in, hence the need for launchpad platforms.

In line with this, Algorand announces the launch of AlgoPad. Notably, AlgoPad is the first-ever launchpad platform on the Algorand blockchain.

AlgoPad also employs a deflationary model. This, in essence, means that the launchpad’s reflection rewards will be distributed to token holders on the platform. As part of the launchpad debut, Algopad’s first whitelist will start soon. The launchpad will also usher in more projects via IDOs.

Things to Note About AlgoPad

AlgoPad is also a reliable entryway to the Algorand ecosystem. The launchpad also enjoys the support of renowned IDO Platform BSC MemePad.

Algorand’s launchpad platform will also incentivize token stakers and IDO participants. All while also providing much-need support for startup projects. AlgoPad employs a unique Two-Tier mechanism. This is to try to give IDO participants equal and fair opportunities.

The Two-Tier mechanism includes;

  • The “Lottery Tier” – For smallholders and
  • “Guaranteed Tier” – For enthusiasts and true supporters of a project.

The Lottery System

  • Holding 3,000 ALGOPAD tokens is equal to one (1) lottery ticket
  • 6,000 ALGOPAD will provide holders with two (2) lottery tickets, and
  • Lastly, 9,000 ALGOPAD is equal to three (3) lottery tickets

The Guaranteed Tier system on the other hand is separated into;

  • Moon with Public access (12,000 ALGOPAD Tokens)
  • Mars – Private Sale (20,000 ALGOPAD tokens), and
  • Sun – To be announced soon.
Other Important AlgoPad Features

AlgoPad also boasts of reducing inflation to the barest minimum. According to reports, its main deflationary mechanism is the inclusion of a 1.5% transaction fee and also a burn mechanism.

The launchpad also employs a unique fee distribution mechanism. 0.75% of all its fees will go to holders as a reward for staking. The remaining 0.75% will be burned. Also, unstaking your tokens before the estimated one-month grace period elapses will attract a burn fee of up to 15%.

AlgoPad launch is also made possible by FairMeme. FairMeme designs and creates innovative solutions on Algorand. The platform also focuses on introducing extra value to the industry using the Launchpad model. Thanks to the launchpad, FairMeme will provide enthusiasts and investors looking to invest in blockchain with viable startups.

IDO and Token Information

According to the official website, the launchpad has an initial market cap of $55,000. It also boasts of a maximum supply of 10,000,000 and a public price of $0.0167. Making use of the launchpad will provide startup projects with;

  • Unrestricted access to AlgoPad’s seasoned marketing and KOL network
  • Exclusive access to the IDO platform for their official launch
  • Top-notch industry connections, and
  • Lastly, expert input in their tokenomics design

To take part in IDOs, interested persons will have to first stake ALGOPAD tokens. The platform has both a Lottery and a Guaranteed-tier system.

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