In one of the biggest price surges in the past few days, Waves rose from $1.86 to about $2.53 at its peak. The main reason for this spike in price has to do with Waves smart contracts being deployed on the main net on September 10th and activation by the end of the month.

This launch will bring ‘Smart Accounts’ to the platform. It is also important to note that these Smart Accounts don’t cost any ‘Gas’ for their operations, like Ethereum (ETH) does.

“In simple terms, Smart Accounts are non-Turing complete smart contracts: they allow the execution of code on the blockchain, but with deliberate limitations on functionality to avoid unwanted usage scenarios and to increase the reliability of the system.” –Waves Platform Steemit post

“$waves smart contracts deployment to the main net is starting in just a week. NTC smart contracts release on the 11th, activation by the end of the month.” –Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform, twitter post

In addition, Waves is releasing a few other new features, a new test net, networking layer improvements, and considering a new PoW scheme that is ASIC-resistant and is non-outsourceable (no pools). In their release of the second phase of smart contracts, they will be able to offer a wider range of features to the ecosystem.
“This release paves the way for the widespread adoption of the Waves blockchain while preserving the original spirit of Waves: simplicity and accessibility. It enables developers to build blockchain-based applications, which is a huge step towards truly mass adoption of the technology.” -Ilya Smagin, Head of Development for Waves smart contracts


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