The ARK Deployer is an open-source blockchain creation tool. The platform allows users to deploy, customize and build their own blockchain network within minutes. The ARK team has recently released the updated version of their blockchain creation package.

The ARK Deployer is launched by the creators of the 73rd largest cryptocurrency, ARK. With the help of this tool, it will be easier for projects to realize the blockchain technology benefits. Thereby creating the customized versions of ARK’s delegated proof of stake blockchain will become easier.

Salient Features of ARK Deployer

  • Level Selection
  • Help & Assistance
  • Complete Customization
  • Advanced Option Selection

Link Blockchain via Smart Bridge

As per the announcement on 28th of May 2019, the ARK ecosystem launched the ARK Deployer v2, a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain which would link blockchain via a smart bridge.

Where can ARK Deployer be used?

The main purpose of the ARK deployer is to allow users to create their own blockchain by following the simple instructions with the help of Deployer CLI. Someone having basic knowledge can come up with their own blockchain and run it within a time frame of 30 minutes.

It is also reported that ARK was accepted into Google season of the Docs Program, as it would be the only blockchain to join the list.

The blockchain technology has shown immense potential for transforming business processes throughout the industry lines. The majority of the businesses globally will require some time in order to shift their problems on the blockchain.  The deployer is suitable for quick and fast creation on the blockchain for various applications namely the hackathons, meetups and learning purposes.


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