Believe TenX- Bitcoin adoption is three steps away

TenX (PAY), the payments platform has been at its innovative best. One thing’s clear the way they are approaching the market, the cryptocurrencies will soon solve the issues of money.

CEO Toby Hoenisch stated the TenX “Three steps to programmable money” promises to hasten the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Invest:Asia 2019 in Singapore. So, what exactly are the steps going to be? Compliance, Education, and Access to Cryptobanking- quite straightforward.

There are no doubts that TenX has been the prime enabler for the usage of cryptocurrency in daily transactions. But what does it finally intend to achieve? Toby had all the answers. As per the CEO, TenX aims to replace the existing “high impact, high return” system with a DIY and Decentralized Finance.

Bitcoin adoption is near

How is TenX going to make that happen?

And they are going to make it happen with the “New Programmable Money” where the user reserves the full ownership. The company stated that crypto is on the brink of mass adoption and it is the 18% millennials who will drive the change.

The company aims to accelerate Bitcoin and crypto adoption by doing things the right way. TenX has already been working in a compliant manner.  And it is the transactional support by Visa payment gateway that supports its right way of doing things. On the educative front, TenX has been gearing up. It is the TenX Open Office and Toby’s presence as a speaker at Changelog that is indicative of the effort.

So, what exactly does TenX to enhance the Access to crypto banking? Unboxing the TenX Product Suite, Toby highlighted the intuitiveness of the TenX wallet and the growing network of TenX Crypto Card.

TenX Money issue

Meanwhile, TenX released a nifty update version of its wallet app. With a new home screen, the TenX app users can now enable or disable the passcode auto-lock. The disabled auto-lock allows the users to view the TenX Card pin by just using the passcode.

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