Best Early Stage Crypto Projects With Huge Funding

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Let’s continue discovering more crypto projects.

1) Franklin

Franklin is a company that simplify your worldwide workforce with tax compliant payroll and HR management. They are audited by Quantstamp and powered by Alchemy. They also provide:

  • Process multi-currency crypto payments.
  • Team management tools.
  • Tax and Filings automation.
  • General Ledger integrations.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $2.9 million seed round fund co-led by Gumi Cryptos Capital and CMT Digital.

Also, Franklin is working with companies like Arca, and Soul Wallet to pay their employees in cryptocurrencies.

2) Kryptview

Kryptview is a research-to-earn tool where users earn KVT tokens depending in the performance of your crypto portfolios. Also, users can get access to advanced data, scorings, and review community contributions.

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $1.5 million pre-seed round fund co-led by KuCoin Ventures, Bitpanda, GSR, and Serafund.

Also, web3 startups can upload their projects to the platform to gain visibility among its audience.

3) ENS Vision

ENS Vision is a marketplace exclusively for ENS name where you can detect new ENS domains and trade them. Also, users can:

  • Bulk searching of available names.
  • Search and export large lists of names easily.
  • Purchase from other markets directly from ENS Vision.
  • List ENS names on ENS Vision and OpenSea in 1 click.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $2 million in a funding round led by 1 confirmation.

Also, they created a podcast and invited Nick.eth, the creator of ENS domains.

4) DappBack

DappBack is a web3 loyalty program marketplace where users gets unique rewards (DB coins) for completing each brand’s tasks. Then, users can swap DB coins for NFTs.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $2.5 seed round fund co-led by Greenfield Capital and IOSG Ventures.

DappBack is always open to recieve new companies who want to improve customer loyalty focusing on mobile optimization and managing an efficient customer feedback.

5) Huddle01

Huddle01 is a web3 video meeting platform that let users can send cross-chain audio and video messages. Available in iOS and Google Play, Huggle01 has a play-and-play API which allow builders to power communications with few lines of code.

One of his latest achievements has been completing a $2.8 million seed round fund led by Hivemind.


Also, this platform has developed AudioX. This is a wallet-to-wallet calling dApp that let users send voice and text messages, share files over Ethereum addresses , ENS domains and Lens profiles.

6) Steer Protocol

Steer Protocol is a decentralized compute platform that let users can create cross-chain applications using 20+ different programming languages. This way, users will be able to use trustworthy external data sources, run their dApps on any blockchain, and monetise them using our all-in-one, user-friendly platform.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $1.5 million seed round fund led by Druid Ventures.

7) SwissBorg

SwissBorg is a Eruopè¡s trusted crypto exchange where people can trade cryptos with 16 fiat currencies. Available in iOS and Android, this exchange has more than 711,000 verified users that made transactions with a total of $0.76 billion.

This platform has it’s native ERC-20 token, CHSB, that is used to:

  • CHSB yield program.
  • Staking.
  • Community Index.
  • Premium Benefits.
  • Protect and Choose.

One of his latest achievements has been completing $23 million Series A fund via the community.

8) Unstoppable DeFi

Unstoppable DeFi is a decentralized exchange where users can do margin trading, single sided LPing, and instant Fiat on/offramp. They are working with prestigious web3 platforms like Uniswap, 1inch, Arbitrum, and Chainlink. These are other features:

  • No impermanent loss.
  • Earn yields on ETH, USDC, and more.
  • Receive 100% of profits by staking in $UND, it’s native token.

One of his latest achievements has been raising a $3.8 million via decentralized fundraising.

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