BIG NEWS! ANNOUNCING_ Altcoin Buzz Rebranding!

Hello from the world of Altcoin Buzz!

Some of you might have noticed that Altcoin Buzz is now sporting a brand-new logo. It’s an exciting time for our organization. Our steady growth has brought in new subscribers, new followers, millions of impressions, and an active, engaged, and organically growing community. Moreover, it is a great time for Altcoin Buzz as we currently rank 15th on the global 50 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs.

Over the last few months, the Altcoin Buzz team has poured its heart and soul into building the new image. Primarily, because this would accurately depict who we are at present and how we will evolve in the future. We are pleased to present our new brand to you!

Altcoin Buzz Rebranding

So, What’s Changed?

You might have noticed that it’s not just our logo that has changed. We have refined the way we deliver real-time information, news, and opinions from thought leaders/field experts, along with niche content and educational content.

What we’re saying should not sound unfamiliar to our existing followers. Owing to the fact that our fresh mission is only a refined version of what we have always believed in. As Altcoin Buzz Founder and CEO Shashwat Gupta explains, “Altcoin Buzz was created as the kindergarten for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders. Novice investors in cryptocurrency, investment, or trading will find our easy guides, analysis, and daily videos very useful.”

Expertise That Is Trusted and Respected 

Our content is continuously sourced from project websites, individual community pages, and groups. Post sourcing, the content is then categorized according to news, spotlight/interviews, how-to tutorials, and in-depth trading analysis to make it readership specific.

We have interviewed expert luminaries on the Altcoin Buzz Spotlight segment. These include Changpeng Zhao (CZ) (CEO of Binance Exchange), Dan Tapiero (founder of DTAP Capital as well as a veteran Global Macro investor and a co-founder of GBI), Andreas Antonopoulos (host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast), and Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Furthermore, from being a YouTube channel in mid-2017 to become a full-blown media outlet, our presence now spans multiple channels. We have grown from a following of 100,000 in January 2018 to an active and engaged community of over 300,000 subscribers.

Our Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel alone has over 220,000 subscribers. Moreover, it receives over 76 million impressions a year. Furthermore, the media website garners more than 180,000 unique page views/month.

Always Thinking BIG!

That said, we have established our existence on three basic principles. It’s what we’re calling our “pillars.” Moreover, these pillars are ultimately the driving force behind the success of Altcoin Buzz. What are these pillars? I’m glad you asked!

  • Integrity – It is our top foundational value. That’s because we have worked hard to establish Altcoin Buzz as an honest and transparent media outlet.
  • Innovation – We are reliant on innovation in the communication process achieved through meticulous research and analysis.
  • Simplicity – We adhere to the simplest way of presenting thoroughly researched information.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at Altcoin Buzz. Every effort by the team ensures to deliver a fair and balanced perspective of news sourced directly from altcoin projects.

Shash elaborates, “We understand that projects need time to grow and improve. Adverse situations can happen, but we keep an open mind for these projects to tell us their side of the story and show us the changes and improvements made to their product. These positive developments can only serve to strengthen and grow our industry.”

We Continue To Grow!

Currently, Shash heads the company from Singapore. Our leadership includes:

  • Chief Operating Officer – Pallavi Malviya Gupta (Singapore)
  • Chief Financial Officer – Shitij Gupta (India)
  • Director for Altcoin Buzz YouTube – Matthew Ronald (Canada)
  • Altcoin Buzz YouTube Spotlight Host presenter – Layah Heilpern (United Kingdom)

With a team of 20 writers, Altcoin Buzz continues to churn out news to match the speed of the latest developments in the crypto space. Our team of 20 also includes guest writers who are interested in crypto trading and come from diverse backgrounds spanning legal, finance, technology, marketing, trading, government, broadcast, and statistics/mathematics across the globe.

Keep an eye on Altcoin Buzz as we continue our growth to become the best crypto media outlet. We look forward to you being part of our journey going forward.


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